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    Jul 11, 2002
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    Well now I entered into a new dillema :)

    should I get the monitor 5 or the monitor 7 for my new HT kit?

    the reason I am looking the monitor 7 is because the don't require to buy a pair of stand(quite pricely) and second they will be more stable because one of my speaker is quite in the door way(and my current cheap speaker already got droped down twice by friends so...

    and the price difference is only 115$

    I've check the spec and both speakers have the exact same drivers. the only difference seem to be the size of the cabinet witch of course will give more base.

    Am I right about that?
    are they exactly the same speaker except for the cabinet?
    will they required the same amouth of power from the receiver?
  2. John Garcia

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    Yes, the 7 has more usable bass, about 10Hz worth according to their charts, as well as an appreciable 2dB increase in sensitivity for the 7, so they will actually be a bit louder for the same volume (a little less power required).
    I have 5s and they look a little awkward, but they sound very good. IMO, if I were going to listen to stereo music with them set to large and no sub, then I'd go with the 7s. For HT, with a sub, and the mains set to small, either will work, but the 5s might be a better choice.
    Have you thought about using some blu-tack to stick your speakers to your stands? I'm not sure what you mean about a big difference in price? The 5s with S26 or S24 stands are about the same price as 7s. I just don't really like the look of floorstanders, even if they take up relatively the same floor space (I also got my 5s for 50% off [​IMG] ) If you don't mind floor standers, get the 7s.
  3. BrianWoerndle

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    The thing I like about the 5's better is they have more freedom in placement. I have 16 feet of shelving on the front wall of my HT, so I need bookshelves that cand sit on the shelving. I have nowhere to go with a floorstanding speaker.

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