Paradigm & Axioms In Toronto/Barrie/Niagara Ontario Area?

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  1. BradP

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    Hey folks,

    I'm going to be making a trip to Canada soon, thus I'm wondering if there are any areas in Canada that have some spectacular deals on Paradigm or Axiom speakers. I'm looking to buy a complete set, 2 towers in front, 2 rear surrounds, a center and a sub. I have been looking at the following in Paradigm:

    2 Monitor 7¹s (front tower)

    1 CC-370 (center)

    2 ADP-370 (rear surround)

    1 PW-2200 (sub)

    First off, is this a good setup? Second, how does it compare to the Level 3 tower setup they offer at

    Finally, are there any dealers in that area where I could get a good deal? I'll be crossing the border at Niagara or Peace Bridge and heading North on the QEW towards Barrie, but can stop anywhere along those lines or in Toronto if the price is right.

    I'd love to hear some price quotes and opinions, on this system or a comprable one from Axiom.

    Drop me a [email protected]

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    Hey Brad,

    I listened to the Paradigm Monitor 9v2 along with the other

    speakers you listed and also the Axiom M80s, VP150, QS8 and some other brand sub.

    I found that the Axioms were more detailed and punchy (both were demos and broken in).

    I ended up purchasing the Axioms from Replay Electronics, they deal with blemished models (or can get you good ones).

    I am getting an SVS 16-46CS+ to handle low end.

    I got a pretty good deal at Replay, drop me a line if you want more details.
  3. BradP

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    Yeah, I'd love to hear more, did you buy a full Axiom system? What was the price you paid and is there a place I can find the specs? Drop me a line!



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