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Paradigm ADP owners: where do you locate yours? (1 Viewer)

Gary Q

Jan 28, 2003
My HT room is highly problematic.
One of the principal problems is that my listening position is against the back wall—bad for lots of reasons, I know, but specifically, I can't decide where to mount my ADPs.
I am hoping to hear from others with these speakers, esp. those who might have them mounted or placed in unusual positions and how they perform there.
So far, I have tried them on tables on either side of the couch at about ear height (recommended (or higher)) and with the nulls pointed toward me (also recommended) but about 1 ½ feet from the back wall (probably too close) because this is where the couch is.
And I tried them on tables at ear level in the corners with the drivers pointed at the converging walls (recommended) however, in my case, in this configuration, the nulls don’t point toward the listening position—rather, because the couch is against the wall, the rear drivers are pointing (nearly) at the listening position.*

I’d like to mount them on the side walls for the most appealing appearance. But (because of a closet door on one side) I will have to mount them just inches from the back wall. I’m afraid the angle of the rear drivers might be too severe there. They will also be three feet or so above my ears—which may serve to alleviate some of the bad stuff caused by being so close to the back wall, the acute angle. (I.e., the sound from the rear drivers will still bash quickly off the rear wall, but the height of the speakers will increase the distance to my ear and maybe act as a buffer. (Also, in this position, the nulls WILL point toward the listening position, although high and off the horizontal axis—this is also a good thing. So the only drawback here is the distance to the rear wall and the resultant angle of reflection.

Also, I read somewhere that the ADPs are sort of dipole/ bi-pole, i.e., in each speaker, both tweeters are in phase, but one of the mid/ low drivers in out of phase. So I don’t think I could get away with placing them forward in the room with the rear drivers facing me (since it’s my guess that the rear mid/ low drivers are the ones out of phase); this probably results in sound confusion as well when setup in the corners with the rear drivers pointed at me (*see above).

Does anyone else have them mounted on the side walls, very close to the back wall, and if so, how do they sound?

Thanks, Gary

Erich S

Oct 3, 2001
I believe the tweeters are out of phase to give a diffuse sound with the woofers in-phase to reduce cancellation of the bass and midrange.

Any chance of hanging the ADPs from the ceiling, maybe horizontally above the closet door?

Patrick Ja

Apr 2, 2003
I also have adp speakers. Let me tell you I have tried to mount these speakers everywhere, side wall, back wall, ear level, way above ear level, and to me the best location for me was to put them slightly forward and to my side. I did this because I read somewhere if you have 7.1, which I have, your side speakers should be slightly forward. Something I might suggest is mounting them on the ceiling with the nulls facing downward. I read this in a magazine and tried it by placing each speaker on a tall ladder just to see if it sounded ok and it sounded pretty good.


Supporting Actor
Aug 8, 2002

I have the same problem. My room is 16 by 16. I have a loveseat directly in front of the TV and a couch on the left of the loveseat perpendicular to the TV. I have my Easy chair next to the Loveseat sort of right of the TV. All the furniture is against the back and side walls as this is the way wifey wanted it. Its also complicated by windows and doors.

Anyway. I placed mine (I think like you said),with the speaker forming a triangle with the rear walls. Null pointed at a 45 degree into the room. Well this gave me too definition at the loveseat. So I compromised and put them Slightly forward at a more acute angle with like the left speaker pointed more toward the couch and less toward the loveseat and the same on the other side. But not directly flat against the side walls.

Works very well and I'm happy and most people can't beleive the rear sound I'm getting. Pretty seemless.

The bottoms of my speakers are about ear level.

Hope this helps.... Come up with other good ideas - let me know.


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