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  1. Allan Mack

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    May 26, 2001
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    Anyone remember this TV show based on the movie "The Paper Chase"? I thought it was excellent. It made me a little afraid of ever going to university.
    Anyway, does anyone know if the series will ever be released on DVD? VHS even? I haven't seen or heard anything regarding this short-lived TV show...
  2. Ed Faver

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    Jul 30, 1999
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    Boy, do I remember this series. Even got Showtime so I could tape them. I have most of them around somewhere, but I'd buy them on DVD...
  3. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Oh, yes...I made it a point to watch this show! It did, in fact, make me want to BE a lawyer. By the time the show converted into "Paper Chase: The Third Year" in 1984-85-ish, I was in fact taking a college course on general law. The net effect of the course was to make me decide that being a lawyer was NOT for me! [​IMG]
    But I have very fond memories of the TV Show...and of the film that inpired it.
    Does anyone else remember that, in the film, Kingsfield's daughter was played by none other than The Bionic Woman, Lindsy Wagner?
    John Houseman was excellent both in the film and the TV show. I thought that the TV show cast was much better at portraying their characters, especially Hart and Belle.
    Michael Tucci was an awesome character as the editor of the law review. Quite a different role than his role in Grease! And the characters who got added later, like "Harriman", and the older woman played by Lanie Kazan were also very good. Lots to like there. All this is from memory, so it must have left a strong impression with me! [​IMG]
    I taped the film and precisely two episodes of the show off of cable back in the mid-'80's. One ep was the one where Kingsfield's car breaks down and he knocks on a student's door to call for assistance. I think Hart was the student, but it might have been another...been a while since I watched it.
    The other ep I taped was an awesome one for someone like me: a potential law student turned into a computer major. It was called "War of the Wonks", and it was the law school vs. the computer nerds. It had to have aired sometime around the time the movie Revenge of the Nerds hit, but I'm not certain. I loved that episode, naturally.
    I'd give my left earlobe to be able to buy a box set with all of these episodes...and the film, too! I may have to go dig up the VHS tapes I recorded this stuff on.
    Do you like TV on DVD? Then check THIS out!
  4. Randy_M

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    Oct 25, 2000
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    Peoria, AZ
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    Randy Margolis
    Never saw the TV show, but the film is one of my's one of the few VHS tapes I watch, although I wish I didn't have to...

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