Panny Plasma VT/GT question

Discussion in 'Displays' started by kumar, Nov 30, 2011.

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    As I have mentioned in some of the other threads, I will be soon in the market for buying a new TV. Panny it will be and still deciding between 60" or 65". if 60, I will go with GT30. If 65" I definitely like the VT30 model. Considering my wallet size and desire to get VT30 and wait if needed, do you guys think it will ever go sub 2.2 K, delivered? Just assessing if it is worth the wait, even if it is another 2-3 months or go with GT30 now during the holiday sales.
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    Greetings Everything falls in price at some point ... especially electronics. I'll buy that Pentium II computer when the price drops. Well they are available for $15 now and no one is lined up to buy it. Who can tell how badly stores want to move product ... we certainly can't as a forum or as calibrators. regards

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