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  1. Kevin Silence

    Feb 5, 2002
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    I am about ready to make the jump and buy a RPTV. Many months ago, I though I would go 4:3 analog and get the Toshiba 50a62 (probably the best 50" analog TV on the market). But now I think I need to plan for the future and get HDTV ready. I still want 4:3. It's 90% of our viewing and I don't want burn in.

    I WILL NOT pay more than $1,500 for this TV. I want a 50" +/-. I will not buy a 43". After buying a TV stand for a 43", it is just as much as a 50".

    I like Toshiba, and would like the 50H72, but it is currently priced too high. I also like this Panasonic, the 51HX42. Currently, the 51hx42 can be bought via for $1,299. That is several hundred dollars cheaper than anywhere else, and fits my price range.

    I have one question, and would seek advice on this TV from any owners or anybody that is familar with it. The question: this TV will do the 16:9 squeeze, but only for 1080i material. Does a squeeze actually help prevent burn-in versus just watching widescreen on this TV without doing the sqeeze. I know the picture would be better doing the squeeze. I am more concerned with preventing burn-in.

    Greg, Jack, Neil, anybody else: what are your thoughts? Is this a good buy? For now, I will still be using basic cable, but as more channels become available in HD, I will switch to a better format. Local channels are still not available through Dish or DirecTV. I will wait to see what will be better for me.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    I don't doubt your 4x3 decision.
    I'm not sure about preventing burn in with the squeeze, it makes sense to me (?) that it would, because it us still using the whole raster to form the picture. I know I've seen sets without the squeeze, and they pale in comparison to their widescreen brothers....I'm hoping from what I've read the squeeze will give an equal picture with the widescreen brother.

    I'm im the same boat as you but I've extended my budget a little (waiting for some more paychecks). My parents want to go with a 4x3 that can squeeze DVDs into 16x9 (because they don't watch many, but I do), and 4x3 will be nice for gaming. I'm thinking of the Sony KP61HS20/30. I think Sony is ending the 4x3 line there, but they will continue to make those. I think the Toshiba 50" is $1620, if you ever want to consider that.


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