Panasonic XP50 Vs. RP82 REVIEW!!!

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    I finally got my XP50 in house to disect and review it. Let me start by saying that I had both the RP82 and XP50 in the same environment so that I could A/B compare them fairly. They are hooked up to my Toshiba 57H81 via Acostic Research Performance Series component cables, and to my Sony DA4ES via optical output.
    Build Quality:
    The XP50 definitely feels a little over a pound heavier then the RP82. I feel it has a much less cluttered and cleaner look to it compared to the RP82. It also has gold RCA outputs while the RP82 doesn't.(Makes no difference in real world performance though as expected) The remote is still the same flimsy plastic remote with way too small of buttons that the RP82 has, except it is spray painted silver and the main action buttons on it have been painted multi colors also.(This means use your Universal Remote all the way) I do like to silver buttons on the top of the player, instead of having them on the front of it and cluttering the front face plate like the RP82. The remaster mode button is on the top also along with the major playback function buttons. There is no "Progressive Out" or "Audio Only" buttons on the front faceplate of the XP50, as well as no silver plastic jog dial like the RP82. The LCD display on the XP50 is bright blue with gray LCD text overlapping it. Like others have said the LCD display is impossible to read clearly past 5 feet, so it looks like if you need to go to a spot in a chapter then you will have to use the OSD only.(The LCD display can be turned off via display menu) The disc tray on both the RP82 and XP50 are smooth and quite, but the XP50's disc tray seems to open and close slightly slower. The XP50 is a little more quite when it comes to chapter searching etc compared to the RP82. This is probably because of the sturdier case of the XP50. Disc read times were the exact same with both the XP50 and RP82. Overall it is a more solid feeling player then the RP82 as far as build quality and looks, but the fact that the RP82 does have a big and legible LCD display and the XP50 doesn't, makes me get over the fact that the XP50 is built better and give the RP82 an edge in this category.
    Video Quality:
    First thing I did when I hooked the XP50 up was check my THX color charts and make sure everything is calibrated properly. The XP50 out of the box was all setup properly with my TV so I found the best PQ settings to be Cinema 2 and Auto1 via progressive mode. I A/B compared the XP50 and RP82 by watching Ice Age and LOTR Extended Edition(Checks color saturation, sharpness, and detail). The XP50 looked very slightly softer and less detailed then the RP82. The difference was very marginal, but the RP82 does slightly edge the XP50 viewing through my eyes and setup. Both players should have the exact same PQ, because the have the exact same MPEG Decoder and Sage FLI2200 DCDI deinterlacer. There must be some setting that is different in the firmware of the XP50 compared to the RP82 causing this very slight difference in PQ. By the way I noticed no rolling white horizontal flashes when the disc mechanism moved like my 2 - CP72s exhibited. This problem is caused by poorly grounded component outputs, most likely it is only on the CP72s and not the RP82s. For everyone's enjoyment and to proof that the XP50 does indeed have the Sage FLI2200 and Panasonic MPEG Decoder, I took the cover off and took pictures of both sides of the MPEG board. Please click on the links below to see some pictures of the chips:
    XP50 Top Of MPEG Board Showing Same Panasonic MPEG Decoder as CP72/RP82/RP91
    XP50 Bottom Of MPEG Board Showing The Notorious Sage FLI2200 Deinterlacer Chip
    XP50's Pretty Face With Gold Writing
    XP50's Interconnect Board Showing Where The MPEG Board Was Plugged In
    Audio Quality:
    The audio quality of the XP50 compared to the RP82 is exactly the same PERIOD.
    Final Conclusion:
    If both players were currently available and IN STOCK, I would say if you are very PQ oriented to go for the RP82. If you are very picky with the looks, build quality, don't ever look at the LCD Display on a DVD player, and you aren't very PQ picky go with the XP50 if you can get it for around the same price as the RP82. Unfortunately the RP82 is very hard to find since they have been discontinued because of lack of supply and revenues, but the XP50's are still IN STOCK and as I have proofed have the same hardware as the RP82. Basically what I am saying if you can't find an RP82, try to find an XP50 for a good price because it still puts a superior progressive picture for under $250. :)
    P.S.> I myself am keeping my RP82 since it is now a "RARE GEM", and sending my XP50 back to Crutchfield. I am doing this because I am verrry picky about PQ, and because I ahve played many DVDs already on the RP82 and none have skipped a beat. ;-)
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    Great! Thanks for the report and the pictures. [​IMG]

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