Panasonic SA-HE200 first impressions (very long)

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  1. DanielM

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    Jul 5, 2002
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    Well I took the plunge and brought this beast home..The first unit I bought was defective as it would not pass a component video signal, so much for quality control hmmmm
    So off to new one home and all works so far
    This unit is actually replacing two systems my high end audio system which consisted of:
    Counterpoint SA3000 with many signal cap upgrades(tube pre)
    Dynaco MKIII,s seriously modded (tube monoblocks)
    Apogee Stages....and various signal sources including a decent vinyl rig....
    AND my aging Pioneer vsxd607s dolby digital only receiver
    the new system now consists of
    Panasonic SA-HE200 which feeds 2 Optimus lxpro5,s and matching center, a pair of lxpro4 for the rear and an
    audiosource sw15..signal sources are toshiba sd2108 dvd,
    sony mdp333 ld and cd ,hughes e86 hd sat receiver,and an ancient quasar hifi vcr,as well as my vinyl rig,video is
    Sharp 55rwp4h.....
    I do not notice any loss of signal quality using the panasonic vid pass thru not even on high def signals so far so good...the ergonomics kinda suck, speaker binding posts and all signal inputs are spaced too close together..
    the remote is a quasi learning meaning if there is a code in the manual you can make it control a tv,vcr and dvd thats it...4 optical inputs 1 optical output 1 coaxial input..a good amount of signal inputs....
    Sound Quality, I listened to Alison Krause "Now That I Found You" Metallica The Black Album and various others
    the unit is pretty detailed I could hear the various picks hitting the strings on the alison krause,maybe a tad of "shimmer" missing on the cymbals but very good sound I am amazed!! I was able to play the metallica pretty loud with no real sign of strain again amazing...
    The DTS ES sound track on Gladiator was amazing but since my previous receiver had no dts I cant compare I do believe I preferred the dts over the dd5.1 though...prologic 2 is pretty cool for directv stuff again no previous reference though..I can only think that after a few days of break in it will be even this price point (under $500) I dont think there is anything that can touch it... I paid $435 including tax locally
  2. Chris Tsutsui

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    Feb 1, 2002
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    Thanks, I've been considering trying the HE100 for 30 days before buying a Denon 3802 or HK 520. I think I may have to give the pani a shot.
  3. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Does the Panny have the 100, 150 and 200 hz crossover? Darn if they would only have 50, 60, 70 and 80 hz choices [​IMG]

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