Panasonic SA-HE100 DD-EX?

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    Hi all.I have question regarding the panny sa-he100.I've read many posts and reviews that state the HE100 has a simulated DD-EX decoder,but on the Panasonic website they clearly state the unit has a DD-EX built in decoder.Here is the site.

    So why is there conflicting reports on this aspect of the reciever?
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    This info is from another forum. The person who originally posted this wrote to Panasonic and asked for clarification on this very issue and here is the response he got:

    Panasonic SA-HE100 DD EX Decoding Capability - Official Panny Reponse
    Hey Folks,

    I thought some of you on this forum might find this response from Panasonic Canada rather informative. The question I posed to Panasonic Canada was regarding the DD EX decoding capability of the HE100 receiver. This should finally put the speculation around the HE100's "unlicensed" DD EX decoding capability to rest.

    Here's the response I received:

    Thank you for your e-mail. Please be advised that up until February of this year the only way a company could advertise Dolby Digital EX is if the Receiver is THX certified. After February 2002 that condition was lifted and now manufactures can promote this feature without THX certification. Unfortunately lifting the THX certification requirement so late in the production development of the SA-HE100 did not allow Panasonic the necessary time to change the programming code for the micro processor, the silk screening of the unit, the manuals or the box.

    To turn on DD EX with older 5.1 films simply depress the "Enhanced Surround" button. For newer films with Dolby Digital EX logo they include a "flag" that will automatically turn on the DD EX decoder in our SA-HE200 Receiver. With the SA-HE100 this "flag" is not detected. As mentioned above, simply manually select the "Enhanced Surround" button to activate 6.1 decoding.

    Also please be advised that with all DD EX sound tracks, the surround back channel is in Analog. Dolby simply uses a Dolby Pro Logic chip to create the surround back information from the discrete surround channels from the 5.1 recording. Below are some web links to the Dolby site that you may
    consider to be useful to you:

    Customer Care Centre
    Panasonic Canada Inc.


    So there you have it folks, it's official. According to Panasonic Canada, the HE100 does do DD EX decoding.

    Hope this post helps clarify the uncertainty some potential HE100 owners have regarding this unit.

    Btw, I purchased this unit a week ago and I must say the HE100 does live up to all the praises it's been receiving on the AVS Forum.


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