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    Sep 3, 2001
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    I'm thinking of purchasing this model, but I've been wondering if this player allows you to choose between using the player's internal DD/DTS decoders, and a receiver's DD/DTS decoders(Kenwood VR-509)? It just seems like I would be spending money on decoders that I already have. It looks like most DVD-A players include internal DD/DTS decoders...Since I would have 6 CH analog cables hooked up for DVD-A anyway, is there any advantage to using the RP91's decoders instead of my receivers?
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    For the normal DD/dts bitstream output from DVDs, I'd probably use my receiver's decoder for that audio input, and use the 6-channel input mode for solely DVD-Audio playback.

    It may seem like a "waste", but blame it on the makers' of the DVD-Audio spec to try and prevent people from ripping the digital version of DVD-Audio source material.

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