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    I have an Elite 510 and a Sony 9000es. I've been toying with the idea of trying the RP 91 because of it's ability to avoid the dreaded "lock in full" mode. Before I do I was wondering if the RP 91 has the ability to allow you to adjust sharpness like the 9000es? Also, with a progressive 4x3 signal I now get black sidebars, not gray. The 9000es does this because it has a 4x3 or 16x9 progressive output. What will I get with the RP 91? The gray bars the set gives you internally are a real pain and I don't want to give up this ability to overcome it.
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    The RP-91 has various picture controls, including sharpness settings. Also, the side bars displayed by the player when "windowboxing" 4x3 material on your 16x9 display will be black, not gray.
    Although my Toshiba 56H80 does not lock in FULL mode when presented a 480p signal, since upgrading to the RP-91 I have found no need to place my TV in any viewing mode other than FULL for DVD viewing. This player is great match for a 16x9 TV.
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    I too have a pioneer (not elite [​IMG]) that locks in full and the rp91 is wonderful. I now get all the right ratios, no stretching, no unncessary cropping or zooming, just the right picture, with black bars as appropriate (on side or top/bottom). And of course, a beautiful progressive picture.
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