Panasonic RP-62 DTS Problem?

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by SammyK, Mar 28, 2003.

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    I got a new DVD player (Panasonic DVD-RP62) in November, and about a month later I got a Sony HDTV. As the guys were setting the TV down, one of them stepped on the audio cable that I foolishly left on the floor.

    After I finished setting everything up, I realized that DD5.1 worked with the DVD player and my receiver (a Technics SA-DX1040), but DTS didn't work. Now I know that the RP62 doesn't have a DTS decoder, but the Technics does, so it should have worked.

    After being stepped on, the optical cable took a bit of adjustment to get even DD5.1 working, so I just thought that it was the optical cable's fault that DTS wasn't working.

    So today I got a new optical cable, and to my chagrin DTS still didn't work! I was very surprised; over the past few months I'd convinced myself that it was just the damaged optical cable that was preventing me from hearing DTS.

    I hooked up my OLD DVD player (Pioneer DV-525), just to make sure it wasn't the receiver messing up, and the DTS worked.

    So here's the problem. I can't figure out where the fault is:

    The optical cable is new, I just got it.

    The receiver can decode DTS from my Pioneer DV-525.

    The DVD player (Panasonic RP-62) seems to be at fault, but I'd always thought that if it messed the DTS signal up, it should also mess the DD5.1 signal up, but Dolby 5.1 and Pro Logic both play fine. Can a DVD player mess up the DTS signal only and not the 5.1? I figured that since the receiver is doing the actual decoding, this wouldnt' be the case...

    If the DV-525 had its own DTS decoder (which I don't think it does), then the problem could lie in the receiver, but once again I dont think it has one.

    Any ideas? It's too late to go back to the store and ask for an exchange...
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    Have you enabled DTS output in the DVD player's menu?

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