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Panasonic PT53WX42 or the PT47WX42 (1 Viewer)


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Sep 14, 2001
Other than the differences in screen size can anyone tell me if one is better than the other in terms of picture quality and how does it do with an interlaced dvd player? I have two dvd players. One is the interlaced Pioneer Elite DV-F07 (which I'm considering selling) and I have an Cyberhome CH-DVD503 which is progressive scan but is on the cheap side. Would the cyberhome look better on an 16 X 9 monitor as opposed to the expensive Pioneer Elite interlaced player?
Nov 24, 2002
the 47" is on sale at frys electronics for $999...so i pulled the trigger and bought it today...its being shipped on wednesday.
so i can tell you how it looks then.
looked good in the store but im sure it will be better in my front room.
going from 27" 4:3 to 47" 16:9 all i can say is sweet!!!


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Aug 18, 2001
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They are just different size versions of the same TV. I have the 53wx42, and still use my old interlaced Toshiba player w/ it (for now). The 3:2 pulldown works quite well for film-sourced content although linedoubling of video-sourced content is not so great. So far, only real problem I have seen w/ the linedoubler is w/ Star Trek: TNG DVDs, which exhibit lots of combing.

Using the TV's deinterlacer, I find maybe a loss of 40 lines of horizontal resolution for DVDs as seen w/ the AVIA 200 TVL pattern, so using a good prog scan player should look a tad more detailed and/or sharper. Still, the PQ looks quite satisfying as it is, so I don't feel a dire need to upgrade.

The TV zoom mode seems to be an analog zoom and does not look good to me due to the scan lines becoming visible at my viewing distance. This is not good for zooming all the non-16x9 letterboxed DVDs I own, so aspect ratio scaling is a priority feature for my choice of DVD upgrade even though the TV doesn't lock into Full mode like many older HDTVs do. Also, TV zoom's not good for subtitles anyway. Unfortunately, very few players offer this feature, and practically none have top notch PQ. That's largely why I haven't upgraded yet.

FWIW, I'm fairly certain many other CRT-based RPTVs will have the same issue w/ visible scan lines when using TV zoom unless they offer a very good linedoubler that can scale the image. Probably some of the more expensive TVs will offer this. However, doing in the TV will never be quite as good as doing it on the player, so IMO, the feature will always be desirable on the player.

YMMV of course...


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