Panasonic PT47WX49 Problems

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    I recently purchased a Panasonic 47" PT47WX49 (too bad I didn't catch the Toshiba bargain going around) after doing some extensive research, and after personally safely lugging the monster up three flights of dual set stairs and setting things up a bit, I've come across a big problem. After about 5 minutes of turning the TV on, the color slowly fades to black and white and tooling around in the color menu does little to remedy the situation. Does anyone have the slightest clue what may be going on? I pray it's not a defective TV that has to be replaced.
    Also, exactly how does one go about getting an ISF calibration (I believe it was guys most likely know what I'm talking about) so I can improve the quality of the TV?
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    You can find out more about ISF by doing a search here and going to - a lot of ISF guys make arrangements for tours there.
    As for your set, it sounds like it's broken. I've pretty much frequented most of the places you can go for this set (since I own one) and I've never heard of your problem before (i.e. a known "bug"). Sounds like something was damaged, either in transit or before it got into your hands. Get a replacement.
    Also go to for more information on ISF-- I think they have an FAQ with questions like "what is ISF and do I need it?"
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