Panasonic PT-53TWD63 experiences?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Sam Posten, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Sam Posten
    Found what I think is a pretty good deal on this model, but dont have a lot of experience with Panasonic sets. Searching for reviews on google/yahoo hasnt resulted in much. Originally thought this was a first generation DLP set but now I see its CRT based.

    Primary use would be DVDs, secondary use is Video Games, if I were to get this set I'd probably try to drop cable and get Voom for HD reception as a 3rd priority.

    The specs seem to be pretty sharp and the price seems right, just havent actually seen it yet or read any impartial reviews. =)

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    I don't have that model, but I do have the 53WX53. I've been very happy to date. Panasonics tend to have a great bang for the buck factor. DVDs are really good (but slight picture instability in certain circumstances keeps it from being excellent), and HD is downright amazing. My set doesn't have the best deinterlacer, but I let the DVD player take care of that, so no biggie.

    Standard cable looks like poop, but that's a trade off with most larger TVs.

    I think the WD63 also has more user-level convergence settings (the 53 only has 9 point in the user menu) and possibly a better gun/lens set. If the money is right, I don't think it's a bad choice.

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