Panasonic Offers Pure Wireless Sound with Launch of aptX® Enabled TVs

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    Panasonic Offers Pure Wireless Sound with Launch of aptX® Enabled TVs
    aptX Ecosystem Continues to Grow to Deliver Exceptional Sound Experiences Anywhere and at Anytime

    Sunnyvale, California and Cambridge, UK – X July 2014CSR plc (LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE) today announces that its aptX® audio codec has been chosen by Panasonic to be integrated into a number of products in itsViera digital TV range. The technology will allow consumers to stream music wirelessly, using Bluetooth®, from their TVs to speakers or soundbars, while still achieving CD-like audio quality.

    Panasonic is one of the first manufacturers to launch digital televisions with aptX integrated. Adoption of the aptX technology continues to grow rapidly with more than 250 manufacturers now using aptX in a diverse range of products including smartphones, tablets, automotive infotainment systems, headphones, speakers and soundbars.

    In addition to digital TVs, Panasonic already supports aptX across a range of its wireless audio devices including headphones, speakers and soundbars such as the Panasonic SC-NA30/SC-NA10 Wireless Speaker Systemand Panasonic SC-HTB880 Home Theater Audio System.

    “Panasonic exemplifies how high-end brands are adopting aptX to deliver the highest quality Bluetooth audio in both source devices and accessories,” says Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “Consumers want to enjoy a rich wireless audio listening experience wherever they are and whatever device they’re listening through. Brands are recognizing this, which is why aptX continues to be integrated into new types of devices.”

    In order to fit within the Bluetooth ‘pipe’ and transmit wirelessly, audio needs to use a bit rate reduction technique. aptX audio technology ensures CD-quality audio over a Bluetooth connection. It replicates the entire frequency of the audio, reproducing pure sound and ensuring that users hear everything as the artist intended.
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    Now if AptX carries 5.1 sound...and AVR start supporting it...No more..."I can't get my ARC to work..."

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