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    I'm wondering if anyone has had the following problem or may know what the cause is.
    Lately when I put my e80 to begin recording something it sometimes stops right at the beginning. The player will then turn itself off and flash a message that read RECOVER. When it finishes that it states that an error has occured and that I should check the disc. The disc is fine and I'm then able to continue recording using the same disc and the problem doesn't happen again.
    The manual says that the message RECOVER comes on when there has been a loss in power but no other machine shows any symptoms of a loss in power and I recently changed the e80 from one power strip to another and the same thing happened again. This only just began happening when I started recording with a 50 pack of Fuji discs. I'm wondering if that could have something to do with it. I had previously gone through an entire 25 pack of tdk discs and never had this problem once.
    Any ideas?
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    I've had similar errors. They seem to be caused by disc defects; whenever it happens to me, the disc is unuseable. So you're doing better than I have.


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