Panasonic DVD-RV31 dead - repair or replace?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Brett_H, Feb 4, 2003.

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    After a little over a year of faithful service, my Panasonic RV31 has died on me. I managed to open it up and retrieve my DVD, luckily, but I'm not quite sure what to do from here. It's out of warranty, of course. Here's the problem: it began making a nasty noise tonight, then I tried to eject the disc but it wouldn't open. Now, it won't do anything other than make this noise:

    (I apologize for the bad quality, it was done with my laptop's built-in mic)

    I can see the little white gear spinning under the tray, and the whole tray mechanism is vibrating pretty badly. I found the parts list for this by going to
    and entering "DVDRV31" in the "search by model" field. Anyone care to guess what's wrong and if it could be replaced pretty easily?

    If not, should I bother taking it in, knowing that it cost me around $130 new? Maybe I should just buy a cheapie for now until I eventually buy a progressive scan one (after making the move to HDTV in a couple years)?

    Thoughts, help, advice appreciated.

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    Brett, I would simply go out and buy a new player. You can get a new model that is as good or better than the 'RV31 for under $200. I feel it is hardly worth spending money to fix your player. For $200, you could get something like the Pioneer DV-656A, which plays DVD-Audio discs. You could get the Panasonic DVD-CP72 DVD-Audio changer for similar money.

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