Panasonic DMR-ES20S DVD-writer question (frustrated)

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Mark Hamilton, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Mark Hamilton

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    Hello folks,

    I'v been trying to help my friend setup his new home theater. He elected to go with the Panasonic DMR-ES20S DVD-writer as his DVD player because it would enable him to eventually make quick and easy DVD copies of his old home movies (VHS).


    However, every single time this player starts it forces us to go through the setup process. Now, I'm certain that this is because we never actually complete it. The player has a built in CATV tuner and after asking which language we want to use it automatically begins scanning channels.... but we don't have a source hooked up to it because my friend has a digital satellite and is ONLY going to use this for DVD playback and VHS copying. If you let the device run through its channel seeking cycle it reports that it found no channels and begins again.

    I find it unacceptable that somebody would have to manual cancel a setup process everytime that they want to watch a DVD. Is it possible to disable this CATV feature entirely?

    Thanks guys!~~~


    PS ~ Panasonic was of zero help.
  2. Ernest

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    I own two Panasonic E80's and a JVC 10s DVD recorder and once you go through the setup process you are done. What you need to to is hook up a coaxial cable from whatever, DirecTV, Comcast, OTA to the recorder and allow it to process through the setup process. Otherwise, the unit will continue to require setting up because it thinks its fresh out of the box.
  3. Mark Kalzer

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    Hey, I'm having this exact same problem, and Ernest I do not see your solution solving anything since his friend most likely has Canadian satellite dish. My parents are using dish as well.

    The problem is, my dad wants to record off TV.

    I really think my dad was taken advantage of by the salesmen at this indepedent dealer somewhere in Uxbridge. (I was away at University and was thus unable to offer sound advice. He left me to do the job of setting up.) I don't know if this guy who sold it to them knew we were on ExpressVu satellite, but he should have said something.

    This thing basically has two modes...Cable, and antenna. We of course have neither, but it demands some sort of channel lineup or else gives us this "You speak English right?" menu everytime I turn the thing on. By hitting the 'clear' button I am able to bypass the channel search menu, but it makes obselete our universal harmony remote.

    This also lacks the infrared kickback or whatever it is called, which means VCR Plus is unusable on the ExpressVu receiver's end. It means that in order to record we have to both set the satellite to changeover at a specific moment, and set the recorder for the exact same time. Convenient it tis not.

    Clearly what we should have gone was for a PVR, and ExpressVu does sell them in HDTV correct? I'm guessing it is because this place was not an ExpressVu dealer that is why he wasn't given better advice.

    Also, is it just me, or does this player have poor DVD playback quality? I mean, it just has a more muddled digital look to it, and not the clean vivid imagery I am used to from DVD.

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