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Panasonic Digital Receiver (1 Viewer)

Nicholas R

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May 4, 2004
Many believe this is the best sounding digital receiver that Panasonic has made and it's certainly the smallest and best looking

Full digital Panasonic SA-XR10 DD/DTS/DPL2 receiver. Called the "Krell Killer' on Audioasylum,
this tends to sound quicker, warmer and more three dimensional than Denon, Marantz and Onkyo.
Hear details other amps gloss over.
Full 100 watts X5 RMS.
This daring yet elegant design stands just a shade more than two inches
tall. The chromed metalwork, tiny LED indicator lights, and beveled top
plate lend a jewel-like appearance to this high-tech receiver. Inside, the
SA-XR10 is just as different: its efficient, all-digital circuitry is
responsible for radical component-parts size reduction and drastic weight
loss. Instead of the average 20-plus pounds, this receiver tips the scales
at just 7.5 pounds. Nevertheless, Panasonic made room for the standard
surround-processing formats: DTS, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Pro Logic II.
The sound of the SA-XR10 isn't quite what you might expect. Far from
sounding light and bright but slightly slow like most models at the price,
this amplifier sounds full-bodied and extremely fast. And it's far more
forceful-sounding than you'd expect from a receiver as slim as the XR10.
Even analogue sources such as the tuner sound fresh, fast and detailed.

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