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    I owned the panasonic rv31 dvd player and got the dreaded "HO2" error (check amazon user feedback on the product if you're not familiar) after only about a year. I am looking at the cp72, but am wary of panisonic after that experience. Does anyone know of any occurance of these types of errors on the cp72? Has it been out long enough to know? From my research, most people's rv31 didn't crap out for 10-12 months after purchase.
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    I've had a CP72 since August and nothing's gone wrong yet. I had a Panny A-320 that started to act up at about 2 years old but it was an open-box demo when I got it so I don't know how many actual hours of use it had.

    Between the 2 I used a JVC for a year that never messed up but was less tolerant of scratched rental discs than the Panny.

    I know Panny doesn't exactly have the best reliability rep, but it's not the worst either. I figure by this time next year they'll have a player with the Faroudja chip that also does scaling and will probably get one of those anyway.

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