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Panasonic Convergence / Geometry Questions! (1 Viewer)

Sam Pat

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 15, 2003
Yesterday, I decided that I needed a 64 Pt, service menu convergence on my ~1 yr old Panny PT47WX42. I could see fringing on alot of sections and the User menu 9pt wasn't sufficient at all.

I did my research on the Panny.tv site, reading the guides, reading the service manuals, reading all relevant posts and began my work.

I started on the COARSE convergence first (with options Size, Screen location, Skewing, and other warping options). I wanted to fix another problem I had (which was the right edge not lining up on some viewing material). I played with the controls till I got it right. Of course, I had written down all initial settings before proceeding.

Then I went to the fine convergence. Lining everything up so the grid looked straight and even to my eyes. I don't have AVIA or VE (just THX Optimizer) and I also didn't print out a grid. I did everything by educated estimation.

When I was done, the image looked very sharp, but I had a few problems.

1.) I noticed that the top, horizontal edge of my screen had some line bending. Straight vertical lines would be bent towards the top 2 inches or so of the screen. It's not atrocious, but noticeable when you looked there.

2.) A portion of the THX Optimizer has two rectangular boxes that frame your viewing area. The vertical lines of the outer box were not perfectly straight. It had squiggles! They looked hand-drawn.

So there are a few things that's on my mind.

Regarding problem 1: This bending was probably a result of me messing with the COARSE convergence. Thankfully, I wrote all initial settings so I went back and put them back. The bending was much reduced, but still there. So this means they were there when I got the set? Does this make sense to you guys? I don't think fine convergence, which is just lining up the 3 guns to grids, could've caused bending. My grid was made perfectly straight, to my eyes. Of course when I reset the values I had to do fine convergence all over again.

Regarding problem 2: My squiggly lines. Was the squiggly lines caused by my FINE convergence (lining up grids) not done well enough? Should I print out a grid (to tape to the set) to get everything perfect? My estimation looked very, very good. I haven't noticed anything with real material (not test images) but it still bothers me that it's not perfect.

What advice can you guys give me? How should I proceed?

I know this is more appropriate on the Panny.tv forums but it wouldn't let me log in. I registered (which was successful) and tried logging in. It would say "Thanks for logging in" but I wasn't actually. If I tried to post, it would ask me to log in with the same thing happening ad infinitum. I emailed the mod (Panny) and his email bounced. I emailed the addy on the main page under "Contact" and it also bounced. They just don't want me on there. :frowning:

Thanks for any help you can give me.

EDIT: Was able to log on to Panny.tv forums now.


Second Unit
Apr 6, 2004
its harder to do by eye then you think, what i do is measure everything with a yard stick, hold it up to the tv, center lines first and straighten them out, do this inward and work your way out. also, measure each box, they should each be the same size when your done. a grid would probably be easier, but this works for me.



Senior HTF Member
Oct 31, 1997
My Panny PT47-wx51 has pretty bad geometry and convergence because it needed to have the A-board swapped out in the beginning of its lifespan. the tech who came and put in the new board found it was set to 4:3 and not 16:9 (panny uses the same A board for the 51" 4:3 as they do the 47" 16:9). So he switched it over to 16:9 but it was still way outside the range of the screen so he had to manually reduce/alter all the numbers to get it to fit. Geometry has never been the same since.

One day I am going to order that convergence grid from Panny (you can call their Customer Service, give them your model # and order the grid) and do a full geometry fix. That's pretty much the only way you'll get it close to perfect (though I highly doubt it will ever be perfect).

Best of luck to you!

Sam Pat

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 15, 2003

There is another way. You can download it for free here. You just need to get it printed at Kinkos or something similar.

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