Panasonic 60" Class Viera® S Series Plasma HDTV is this worth $1,200

Discussion in 'Displays' started by MarkSchro, Aug 30, 2011.

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    I was just wondering if the Panasonic 60" Class Viera® S Series Plasma HDTV for $1,200 is a good deal. I am having problems with my monster Toshiba 65" rear projection set and want something to replace it. I have had the rear projection for 10 years and not having HDMI is starting to be a problem plus the set is starting to act up. I want something that is better than what I have but my budget is $1,200 and it sounds like plasma is the only way to get a 60" plus screen for the price. Mainly used for TV and movies and a little gaming. Just hoping for some input before the Labor days sales hit.Thanks
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    I'm not sure how the model you're looking at compares to last years 58" Panasonic plasma Viera TC-P58S2, non-3D but Fry's had it on-sale in-store yesterday (I think) for $699. I bought the same model last month for $799 and while SD programing and standard dvd's really don't look very good with lots of video noise, HD programing and BluRay look quite good. But in all honesty, my brothers two year old Samsung 55" LCD looks just as good. I'm sure the black levels are better on the plasma but I never noticed a problem with the black level on the LCD (but I did on my Mitsubishi DLP RPTV). I can get SD to look a bit better in "Cinema" mode but it still isn't very good. I use "Custom" mode for HD/BR. Don't go in and buy one off the floor like I did. Bring a few different discs with you and make them show you how they look on it. More than likely the settings will either be all messed up or they will be set for one format and will need to be adjusted to more reasonable levels. Use the next few days to make sure it will provide the picture quality you're looking for. Returning a large display is a real hassel. Make sure you get the right one the first time. I didn't follow my own advice.
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    I would recommend the ST30. It has a better anti-reflective screen and quite a bit better black levels among other things, not to mention the 3D capability. It's more expensive, but the value is high.

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