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Panasonic 56" HDTV PT-56WXF95 16:9 180i/720p - $599 (1 Viewer)


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Apr 17, 1999
Panasonic HDTV 56" Widescreen TV 16:9 (1080i and 720p)

Beautiful Panasonic 56" HDTV 16:9 Widescreen

Item Details:

[*]This was purchased BRAND NEW 3 years ago and has operated flawlessly since then. I paid $4000 for this baby back then.[*]I paid over $500 to have it professionally calibrated on July 19, 2002 and have the calibrations papers for the buyer to prove it.[*]I am selling it because we are moving and I do not want to lug around this 250lb beast.
It is used and does have a few scuff marks on its base, but other than that is a great HDTV.
I would honestly rate it a 7-8/10.[*]Also includes a protective Screen that can be easily removed or replaced at buyers leisure.[*] Includes Remote Control in like new condition, Instruction Manual, Service Manual (that I paid and extra $50 for).
Also please note this TV displays BOTH 1080i and 720p, very very few rear projection HDTV's are capable of true 720 progressive. Most just down or upconvert that format instead of displaying it natively.

[*]The Panasonic PT56WXF95 is a 56-inch, HDTV compatible wide-screen projection television. With a 16:9 aspect ratio and more than 850 lines of horizontal resolution, the PT56WXF95 provides true wide-screen home theater.[*]Video features include a two-tuner picture-in-picture with split-screen display and channel search, a fine pitch viewing screen with an advanced screen shield for a clear, sharp picture with all programming sources, a progressive scan doubler, a wideband video amplifier, luminance noise reduction, and color temperature control. These, combined with other advanced features such as component-video inputs and velocity-modulated scan, provide state-of-the-art, outstanding high-definition video reproduction.
[*]Advanced audio features include the Spatializer 3-D surround sound effect, which provides a surround sound experience via the PT56WXF95's front speakers. A center channel input and a full set of A/V input and output jacks allow this TV to integrate seamlessly with any home-theater audio system. Separate bass, treble, and balance controls let the user adjust the sound to their listening preference.
[*]A full-function remote control with joystick makes this TV easy to control, and takes advantage of its many convenient features, such as video input labeling, clock and sleep timer, and 181-channel tuner.

Features :
56" Diagonal HDTV-Compatible Projection Television - 850 Lines Resolution - Adjustable Aspect Ratio - 3D Y/C Comb Filter - Progressive Scan Doubler - 2-Tuner Picture-in-Picture - 3 Sets of A/V Input J...acks (1 front/2 rear) - 2 S-Video Inputs - Fixed & Variable Audio Output Jacks - A/V Program Out Jacks[*]HDTV compatible[*]Wideband video amplifier[*]Spatializer 3-D surround sound[*]Lighted remote control with joystick
Shipping Information:

Local Pick-up ONLY from San Diego, CA 92130
Payment Terms:

Cash on Pick-up only.

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