panasonic 500 new purchase, setup help

Discussion in 'Displays' started by marty_f, Feb 5, 2005.

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    irecently purchased a panny 500 and am newbie to projectors. i'm concerned about setup, will it work fine out of the box or am i going to have to calibrate it?? and if i need to calibrate i don't have a clue, where do i start and what should i look for. Please help for it was hard to convince the wife to spend our money on this and i want it to be a success!! thanks for any advice
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    I'm also in Columbus and can offer help if you need it. A basic setup disk like Avia or DVE would work fine. The more you read and find out the more things aggravate you!
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    The Panasonic projectors are pretty good out of the box. Just hook up a DVD player (or any other source HD receiver, XBOX etc) and enjoy.

    As Marty said, get a calibration disc like AVIA or Digital Video Essentials. If you don't have one handy, use one of the THX optimizers found on many DVDs.

    When setting up the projector, you want to avoid using any keystroke. This will distort the image (give you a softer image), so choosing the projector's location is key. Permenant mounting takes A LOT of planning.

    From there it's really simple. Turn on ... adjust focus and enjoy. Also keep im mind that ideally, you should use as little zoom as possible.

    Other basics that I'm sure you know,

    With projectors, you want to avoid cycling on and off in short time frames to preserve bulb life, so don't treat like a regular tv, where you might turn it on for a few minutes, turn off, come back 1/2hour laster, turn on etc.


    HDMI > Component > SVID > Composite

    When setting your DVD player, make sure it's sending a progressive signal (if you have a progressive DVD player), and hook just like a TV.

    From there adjust your contrast, brightness, colour, tint, sharpness like a TV. If the 500 is anything like the 300 (I used to own that projector, I now have the BENQ8700+), you should choose the cinema mode as your starting ground.

    From there more advanced tweaks would be to adjust the flicker settings (probably still factory menue) to reduce virtical banding.

    There are a lot of things you can tweak to make the picture better, but you'll definitely enjoy right out of the box.

    Hope some of this helps

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