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Panasonic 34" Tau WideScreen TV

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by JasonRabb, May 8, 2006.

  1. JasonRabb

    JasonRabb Extra

    May 17, 2004
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    I am selling a 34 inch WideScreen Panasonic Tau Series. I have just graduated from grad school and will be travelling. I am trying to get rid of this excellent set, although I did truly love it. It is only a YEAR OLD! (Purchased from Tweeter Electronics in VA.)

    The set itself is flawless and perfect. The base has some scuff that is almost impossible to see. I am looking for around $850 but please contact me if you are interested and we can discuss the details.

    I am a home theater aficionado and this is a great set for movies as well as high defenition viewing, it only needs a HD signal and you are ready to enjoy a beautiful picture. I do not currently feed it an HD signal, (grad students can only afford standard cable quality), and it was still great!

    While it is tube set, any home theater enthusiast will tell you that what you sacrifice in size (it is large) you make up for in wonderful, deep blacks and picture vibrance (reds and greens). Owners will enjoy the darker colors and depth than what can typically be purchased in a Plasma or LCD format. Please feel free to come by and inspect it, I would be thrilled to provide a demonstration and help you move it.

    See this link for specs and review:

    Panasonic's site

    CNET Editor's Review and User's Views:

    Here are the specs as well:

    Product Information

    # A/D Converter: 10-bit 60MHz A/D Conversion
    # Aspect ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)
    # Artifical Intelligence Picture
    # Artificial Intelligence Sound
    # Auto Power On
    # Auto Programmable Scan
    # Bass/Treble/Balance Controls
    # Built-In Closed Caption Decoder
    # Channel Search: 3
    # Clock and Sleep Timer
    # Closed Caption On Mute
    # Color Temperature Control
    # CRT Type: PureFlat
    # Diagonal Screen Size (inches): 34
    # Digital Comb Filter: Motion-Adaptive 3D-Y/C
    # Digital Velocity Modulated Scan
    # Favorite Channel Scan
    # Fine Pitch Picture Tube
    # First Time Set Up
    # Game Guard
    # High Resolution ProFocusTM Picture Tube
    # Lighted Disk Home Theater Remote
    # Menu Language: English/Spanish/French
    # Menu: New 3D Menu System
    # Motion Adaptive 3D-Y/C Digital Comb Filter
    # Parental Guidance (Channel Lock and Game Guard)
    # Programmable On/Off Timer: 2
    # QuickScan
    # Recall/Rapid Tune
    # Selectable Digital Velocity Modulated Scan
    # Speakers - Watts Per Channel: 15W (10% THD)
    # Speakers: 2
    # Surround Sound
    # Video Input Labeling
    # Video Input Skip
    # Video Noise Reduction
    # Video Picture Memory (Standard, Cinema, Vivid)
    # Wideband Video Amplifier
    # BBE®: BBE® High Definition Sound
    # BBE®: BBE® ViVA HD3D Sound
    # Channel Banner: Channel Banner
    # Channel Labeling: Channel Labeling
    # Dimensions: (H x W x D) 25.4'' x 35.3'' x 23.2''
    # Dolby Noise Reduction: Stereo/SAP with dbx NR
    # Edge Correction: Horizontal/Vertical Edge Correction
    # Energy Star®: Energy Star Compliance
    # HDTV: HDCP Input: DVI-HDCP
    # HDTV: HDTV Display Capability: 480p/1080i
    # NTSC: Number of Channels: 181 Channel NTSC Tuner
    # Picture-in-Picture: 2-Tuner P-I-P with Split Screen Display
    # Picture-in-Picture: 8-bit P-I-P Image Processing
    # Picture-in-Picture: Picture-in-Picture Capability: 2-Tuner with Split Screen
    # Progressive Scan: Progressive Cinema Scan (3/2 Pulldown)
    # Progressive Scan: Progressive Scan Doubler
    # V-Chip Technology: V-Chip Program Lockout
    # Weight: 175 lbs
    Inputs and Outputs
    # A/V Input Jacks: 3 Rear, 1 Front
    # A/V Program Out Jacks
    # Audio Output: fixed/variable
    # Component Video Inputs: 2
    # Headphone Jack
    # S-Video Inputs: 2 Rear, 1 Front
    # UHF/VHF Inputs 2

    Pics available as well!
    Located in Washington, DC, near Dupont Circle.
  2. Dan Seewald

    Dan Seewald Stunt Coordinator

    Sep 2, 2000
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