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Feb 13, 2003
Anyone ever use the max8 series of surge protectors? How do they fair? anything you liked about them? didnt like about them? and how do they match up to say a monster hts 1000 or 1100. Any opinions please. thanks

Chu Gai

Senior HTF Member
Jun 29, 2001
Monster 1000 "1665 joule rating provides highest level of surge absorption" list $150

Monster 1100 "2775 joule rating provides highest level of surge absorption" list $200

Hmmmmm...keeps getting higher both in price and in joule rating.

I just picked one of the Panamax units, the MAX® 8 DBS+5.
It lists for $100 and has 1650 joules. Nice flexibility with the cable and satellite. Keep in mind there are two flavors of the Panamax running around...black (older), white (newer).

If I was only faced with these two choices, I'd likely go Panamax if only for the reason that Monster is so damned unforthcoming with technical information.

Monster says:
You Need to Protect Your Components from Unstable AC Power The power condition in the U.S. is unstable.
Actually the power in the US is damned good. You want to see unstable power head on over to the other countries. However surges, glitches, and noise is a fact of life everywhere. Neither of the Monsters or Panamax is going to protect you from 'unstable power' and besides your equipment is designed to meet it's design specifications under a range of voltages. Check you manuals.

Other alternative suggest themselves.
If you've got your own house, have a 'whole house' surge protection device installed. A whole house device protects all incoming lines: AC, Cable, Phone, etc. These typically are installed either at the meter or the circuit breaker. Since the distance to earth ground is short (

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