Palm Pilot trouble

Jeremy Illingworth

Supporting Actor
Nov 12, 2000
My woman bought a Visor (PP clone) last winter and now she's having a problem with it. When she pulls up the keyboard (on screen) to type with the pen about two thirds of the time the letter next to the one typed in is used. She's finding the warranty card and plans to take it back. Is this common for PDAs or this brand? I was also thinking about getting one but don't want this to happen to me.

David Lambert

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Aug 3, 2001
I wouldn't mess around with it. I'd call HandSpring and get them to perform whatever warranty service they currently provide. Find the warranty card - if even necessary; it may not be if you have the receipt or another record of the transaction (like a credit card statement) - and call them up pronto.
Most times a place like that will help you over the phone. If not, they will have you send the unit in for repair. I don't know what service HandSpring is providing right now. Maybe they'll just switch it out for another entire unit, maybe they'll fix the one you send in and get it back to you. If they're really good, they'll take the data off before the repair/replacement and restore it afterward.
See what they do. Let us know what they say; it might be useful info in the future. Good luck,


Brent Cantrell

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May 7, 2001
Realignment is where you tap the center of the cross with the stylus. It's supposed to be done every couple of weeks, and is intended to be done by the end user. Unfortunately, since I've made the switch to an Ipaq (3630 upgraded to 64MB ram) I don't remember where that option is.
Look online, it's easy and can help.

Vince Maskeeper

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Jan 18, 1999
I don't know how close the Visor version of PALM OS is to the Palm OS itself but...
You have to run DIGITIZER to align the screen every couple weeks. Don't return the thing for warranty service- this is a common issue, not a big deal. It would be like you taking in your DVD player for warranty repair in order to change it to 16x9 mode!
Go to the home screen (press home on lower left) and make sure the category in the upper right corner is ALL (or SYSTEM). In the list of Icons you should see on that says PREFS.
Tap PREFS, in the upper right you'll see an arrow with GENERAL next to it. Tap general and it will pull down to various pref categories. The second one down should be DIGITIZER. Click that, and follow the directions.
This should recalibrate the tap locations.
On a side note, the entire point of having a Palm is that it easily recognizes handwriting. I would recommend to your ladyfriend that she bypass the keyboard entirely. Will a little practice I can get way faster response from writing- and I can do it without even looking at the plam at all. The keyboard is a pain, even with a calibrated screen, handwriting is the way to go.
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Mark Dubbelboer

Oct 6, 1999
I've got a Visor. just follow the instructions that vince gave.
There is nothing wrong with her visor it just needs re-alignment

Jeff Blair

Second Unit
Apr 30, 2000
Brent is right. the OS is the same. And a little trivia fact for ya. The makers of the Visor are the same Guys that made the Palm Pilot. They started there own company. I do like the visor better, because of the "module" slot. I am about to get a little memory card for it.
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