Pair of sonotube speakers (not subwoofers!)

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    Jan 31, 2002
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    I've worked on a few different speaker projects in the past couple years. I've made a 15" sonosub and a pro sound / PA 18" one. I've made a pair of stereo speakers using the same concept of a sonosub. These are the ones I wanted to show you guys and get some feedback on them.

    I didn't take many pictures of my new speakers. But hopefully it will be enough to give you guys a good description.

    Photo 1:
    This is the woofer i'm using its an 8" AUDAX HP210G0

    Photo 2:
    I'm using the VIFA D27TG-05 1" SILK DOME tweeters for this project.

    Photo 3:
    These are the mounts for the woofer inside the sonotube. T-nuts are used to connect the blocks to the sonotube.

    Photo 4:
    As you can see it is a sonotube concept design, except the diameter is only 8 inches. The blocks on the inside are used to mount the woofer and using tee-nuts to mount the blocks.

    Photo 5:
    Close-up of the blocks used to mount the woofer.

    Photo 6:
    A picture of the endcap for the port to go through.

    Photo 7:
    A test fit for the tweeter enclosure, AKA 90 degree angle pvc connector.

    Photo 8:
    My cool assistant.

    Photo 9:
    The right angle after one of the connectors was cut off. I then cut a hole in the sonotube to insert the cut end of the pvc into. I then glued a brace on the inside of the sonotube to hold the pvc nice and tight. Here is what the brace looks like:

    Photo 10:
    I had to round it at the top so it would fit snuggly against the top of the sonotube. The whole in the middle fits the pvc perfectly ...but I still applyed a bunch of adhesive, just to make sure the tweeter never moves. After the drying it was solid as a rock.

    (Admin note - pics turned into link to help members without high speed connections)
  2. AndrewScofield

    Jan 31, 2002
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    Here are some pictures of the finished product:

    Photo 11:
    As you can see the stands are also custom made. They are a completely different DIY subject. I think they fit the speakers great.

    Photo 12:
    A side view of the speakers

    Photo 13:
    Front view of the speakers

    Photo 14:
    Picutre of the binding posts

    Photo 15:
    And a top view

    Photo 16:
    This is the active crossover I use on them. They are bi-amped. So I got two stereo amps... one for the tweeters and one for the woofer. And my Pioneer receiver has preamp outs then I connect to my crossover. I then connect high outputs to one amp and the low outputs to the other amp.

    Sounds like a cool setup up but the truth is I was to scared to make my own passive crossover to put inside of the speakers. I might try in a month or so to make crossovers, but I really like the way they sound now. But I think they could sound better with a crossover and just one amp.Let me know what ya'll think or if you have any questions.
  3. Dave Poehlman

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    Nice... they remind me of something by the Mummenschanz. [​IMG]
  4. James W. Johnson

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    May 26, 2001
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    If there was a balls award for DIY speakers, I believe youd be the winner. [​IMG]

    Congrats! [​IMG]

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