"Pain & Gain" - 1980's-looking action fun

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Scott McGillivray, Dec 19, 2012.

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    But was there ever a moment where we're not on the bad guy's side? The brutality at the end of the picture is when the film lost most people but I think up to that point you're still rooting for these three to get their money. The first victim is made to be such a dick that if this wasn't a true story we'd probably be rooting for him to be "punished" by the leads. Again, perhaps I just missed what Bay was going for but I never really felt like he was putting these three down for what they were doing. I know people, myself included, root for "bad" people and one can call out several Scorsese movies. I think he at least puts you into the world of these bad people and it's basically one bad guy against the next. To me Bay was just showing these three as good, fun guys who want to get rich quick and are too stupid to pull off the perfect crime.

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