Oz Episode 56: Exeunt Omnes

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  1. Patrick_S

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    Apr 1, 2000
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    Well I was watching the final on the early Satellite feed but unfortunately I'll have to Tivo the rest for later tonight.

    So far the episode seems pretty good.

    Edit: Ok I have finally watched the entire episode.

    I thought it was an excellent show.

    One of my biggest gripes with episodic TV is that the creators often feel the need to tie up all of the characters’ lives when the show ends.

    Sure they did rap up several story lines but they left several unresolved. Hay real life is a never-ending continuing story so for me it was appropriate that not all of the characters’ lives were resolved in the finale.

    Just some observations, I’m glad that Vern Schillinger got it in the end. It was priceless that Keller duped him with the knife switch.

    That brings me to another item, although I posted in the previous thread that I hoped Keller was killed off, strangely I was disappointed when he committed suicide. I think it might have played better if he had committed suicide as an act of love for Beecher. Kind of a setting you free type thing but since he tried to frame Beecher for his death by yelling his name when he jumped that killed off that possibility.

    Of course his grand gesture of killing off all of the Aryans to protect Beecher was his last twisted act of love.

    Also, I really liked the reconciliation between Ryan and his father. I though Dean Winters did an excellent job in that scene.

    Another scene that I thought was very well done was Robson’s good-bye. I felt kind of sorry for him after his speech.

    One last thing, if you believe McManus’s last line it appears that there will be some sort of follow up episode down the road. Well at least I can always hope.
  2. florence franks

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    Jul 23, 1999
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    Its over [​IMG] I got a strong feeling to expect 90 percent of viewers to be very unhappy with this "series finale". Lets posts begin!
  3. Mark Turetsky

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    Aug 7, 1998
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    Well. Lotsa resolution, but also a ton of setup:
    - What's going to happen to Devlin, Querns, and McManus?
    - Claire Howell's pregnancy?
    - Will Beecher get the death penalty?
    The list could go on. However, it certainly feels right for the show not to have everything resolved. It's amazing that they were able to resolve as much as they did, and with a show like Oz, the only true end for a character's arc is their death. Some quick points, though:
    - The Brass/Vahue storyline. I guess it explains pretty well where Vahue's been for the past few years, since the last time we saw Vahue was in the basketball tournament. It was a fitting end for Brass.
    - Alvarez' decision to stop fighting was really tragic, since we knew there would be no way for him to save himself, no matter how hard he tried. In the end, giving up was his only option.
    - Keller, Schillinger, Beecher: Well, it was a fitting end for Schillinger. Keller once again held sway over Beecher, and Beecher was the one to take the fall, once again. Having Beecher's big exit take place in the maze was quite fitting, as it seems he'll never escape the maze of Oz.
  4. Paul E. Fox II

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    Oct 5, 1998
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    Lots to digest here. I'm one of the ones who actually wanted MORE closure of the series, but I guess I'm in the minority.

    I need to know what the characters did when the show ends. I want to know what happened to McManus, Beecher, Devlin.

    I was EXTREMELY saddened by the fact that Ipsig (SP?) lived and they executed Cyril...

    I was EXTREMELY unhappy with the Ryan/Ryan's Father story.

    I was happy about the Schillenger/Keller resolution, but again...it seems Beecher gets to pay the price for the actions of Chris Keller

    I really hope HBO decides to revisit the show in some format or other in the future but like I said, I still have a LOT to digest here...
  5. Will K

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    Feb 6, 2001
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    I think the intention was for the audience to speculate for themselves on the fates of everyone left standing at the end. Though it may have been temporarily more satisfying, wrapping everything up in perfect little bow would have been out of character for the show itself. Still, my reaction leans slightly to mixed because so many new cans of worms are seemingly opened.

    What I wished had happened:
    -Instead of a pregancy storyline, Howell would have had the worst case of STD ever and had melted into a pool of green goo...or got hit by a bus...or both.
    -the last scene would have featured Devlin, his assistant, and Johnson getting "spooned"
    -Father Mukada would have finally come out of closet

    well at least I cancel my HBO now!
  6. Michael Allred

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    Aug 13, 2000
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    I was....underwhlemed by the finale. Six seasons, I never missed an episode and this is what I get? It seemed like a *season* finale, not the last episode of the whole series!

    Ok, I can buy not resolving everyone's storyline at the end but why on earth create new problems? Will Devlin become a new Oz resident?

    Beecher continues to be the whipping boy...of about everyone. Who remembers when he went bonkers around the riot?

    I'm glad Vern Schillinger is dead but geez, you think they coulda built up his death a bit more. To have Beecher accidentally kill him was a cop-out.

    Grr, HBO, you'd better have a 2 hour special in the future....
  7. Randy Tennison

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    Jan 5, 1999
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    I really liked the final episode. I like that they didn't tie up everything, because those characters are still in prison right now, living their lives. We can't kill everyone, set everyone else free, so I liked the non-ending.


    Shillinger gets killed accidently by Beecher: Brilliant.

    Querns comes back, and seems to like McManus: Very funny.

    Cyril gets executed: Tragic.

    Ryan reconciles with his father: After seeing him take care of his brother for so many years, he needed someone else to take care of to feel alive. I liked it.

    Oz gets evacuated: Sure leaves it up in the air to decide how these prisoners will live now, who they will live with, etc.

    All in all, a great series, a great ending. I'll miss my late Monday night viewing.
  8. Chris Bardon

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    Jul 4, 2000
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    Well, I remember reading that Tom Fontana specifically set out to leave a bunch of loose ends, since too much closure wouldn't have fit the character of the series. I really would have rather seen something more happen with Devlin, but I guess it just shows that the bad guy usually does get away with it in real life. I have to say that some of the stuff that happened (particularly with beecher, keller, and the nazis) really came out of nowhere, and it was great stuff.

    Honestly, I can't see them revisiting the series. They've killed off enough of the characters that the cast would be a little sparse, and leaving some uncertainty is always interesting.

    As for the final season though, the only thing I really wish they'd followed through on is the guest narrators. I liked the way that it worked for the first six episodes, but then they just dropped the device. As great as Hill's monologues are, I think that keeping the device going for the entire eight episodes would have been great (if only to get one last dose of Adebisi).

    Oh well, there's always the season 3, 4, 5 and 6 dvds-that should be out...sometime.
  9. Andres Munoz

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    Dec 21, 1999
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    Noooo! My favorite HBO series is over!

    Oh well. Great run that was. And I liked the finale. It would have been nice if there was at least one happy ending for one of the characters, either Beecher or Alvarez getting paroled, but I guess the tragic ending for them works as well.

    All in all, I was happy with the episode. Well done. The only thing that would've made it excellent would've been the governor becoming a prisioner in Oz.

    I will miss this show.
  10. PaulBoud

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    Mar 19, 2002
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    I was very disappointed it this episode. It's like they had a list of storylines they had to resolve, they spent 10 minutes on each, one at a time, and then moved on to the next one. You can't just implicate Devlin in several murders and just leave it at that!!!! Oh yeah, we need to find out what happened to Luke Perry's character. Oh there he is! in the wall. OK, let's put him back now. Time to move on. Whatevah!!

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