Overwhelming bass on Sting's "All This Time..."

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Richard Harvey, May 2, 2002.

  1. Richard Harvey

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    Jun 22, 1999
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    Is anyone else having issues with the bass levels on Sting's "All This Time" DVD? The concert would otherwise be wonderful, but on my system it seems they mixed the bass at such a high level everything gets drowned out by bass.

    My system is:

    Denon 2802 receiver

    Denon 3000 DVD

    Infinity RS-5 towers (main L&R)

    Infinity minuette surrounds (rear L&R)

    Boston Acoustics VR-910 center

    Infinity BU-1 sub

    Now, I can easily walk over and turn down the sub level, but the bulk of the bass is coming out of my RS-5's. All of my speakers are set to the SMALL setting, including the towers. The only option I can even think of in this case is using tone controls, which I shudder to even mention.

    Before I go and rearrange my entire room and speakers trying to minimize this problem, can anyone else confirm that this could be a larger disc-related issue, and not specific to my system? Try the "Hounds of Winter" track.


  2. Chris Madalena

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    Mar 6, 2001
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    I noticed that the bass was very prominent when I first watched my dvd. I kind of like it though because usually the acoustic bass gets lost in the mix.
  3. Mark Bendiksen

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    Mar 16, 1999
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    I do agree that it's somewhat bass heavy; however I happen to like the mix quite a bit for the same reason Chris mentioned.
    On a different note, I have to say that I would highly recommend this disc to all Sting fans. It's fantastic. Also, it's 16x9 anamorphic, even though it's doesn't say that anywhere on the packaging for some unknown reason.

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