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Oct 12, 2006
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Newbie to this forum. I am running an Onkyo 601 as my surround amp for T.V / Movie viewing, I am also running a B&K 2020 amp for music. Ok so I have the Onkyo wired to front, rear and sub speakers I have the B&K wired to the fronts only. My problem is when the B&K is on or off for that matter "preamp switched to off" and I turn on the Onkyo the Onkyo will go in to overload protection and shut itself off in a minute or two. If I have the B&K off the pre amp also off the Onkyo will stay on till the volume hits a certain level " not really that loud" then it will go into overload and shut down. How do I run both? The Onkyo sound like hell with music it can't drive my Infinity RS3b's "this is what I'm using for my front and rears I have 2 pair" and for that matter I'm not happy with it at all but this is what I have for now. Thanks in advance for all your help.


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Sep 5, 2006
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If this is the correct back of your amp...

You Can't hook up both amps to the front speakers at the same time. This is causing the Onkyo amp to shut down.( it's a built in safety feature and is working properly) It thinks there is a short because of both amps being connected in parrellel to the speakers. If you want the B&K Amp for you Fronts only you need a surround amp with Preamp outputs if all your source equipment is connected to the onkyo.

You would bring the Preamp outputs from a surround amp Right and Left Front to your B&K and only have the fronts connected to the B&K and then you will have to run both amps all the time. That would be the best setup, but your Onkyo doesn't have preamp outs.

Or you could get a couple DPDT Switches to switch the fronts from one amp to the other without having to rewire/connect when changing which amp you want to power your fronts, but that's would be a hastle and not really recomended. I would suggest either running the Onkyo only for now and upgrade the Onkyo to another with a preamp output so you can use the B&K for the fronts.

There's probably more work arounds for this but it gets more complicated.....

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