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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Sidharth Shukla, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Hi Guys.

    Really hope ull spare some of your time to help out.

    This is my current set-up:-

    Yamaha RXV 440 Av reciever
    Yamaha Tape deck
    Philips single tray CD player
    Philips dvd 729k
    a Philips sewmi automatic turntable

    2 custom speakers
    2 Sansui speakers (both speakers are 120 rms +)

    I recently bought a Television (Philips Hi-Fi 29 inch) and now want to shift my setup from a primarily audio setup.

    I want the sound comin from all 4 speakers even with regard to the Cable.

    I tweaked around and managed to accomplish it to a ddegree....what i have done is draw an audio out from my television into oneof the input channels( Actually the tape recording input) of my reciever and hence i am getting spund on all 4 speakers...this is a normal connection..no optical wires or anything.

    Problem with this is that i dont seem to be getting the bass out...so i went back to the reciever and managed to adjust the settings to some degree..but still lacking a punch!

    My question is...

    1) Is this the correct way to hook up a Home theatre?
    2) How can i get some more bass?

    The other problem i am facing isa qwith the DVD connections.
    The DVD is hooked straight to the TV and then because there is an audio i get the sound from the speakers.....the problem is thatthe volume is far less than what is comning from other inouts...for example if i suddenyl shift from watching cable to the dvd...the volumer drops....why???...is it coz the television is acting as a pre-amplifier of sorts?? Thats what i thought but then the DVD and the CD player should give out the same volume which they are not either..the DVD being the one with thelesser volume??

    Very confused!!

    Also my cable connection wire has a plug which is too big to go into my D-tv input on the reciever...guess this cab be solved by simply reducing the pluyg size right?

    Please advise..plus any other tips or suggestions which u guys might have forme in order to get that punchy theatre system i want.

    best regards.
  2. Tim K

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    OK, there are a few problems. From the description of your Cable TV signal it seems like you do not have a decoder box? Your cable is just a coaxial cable that comes out of the wall and screws into your TV?

    First let's talk about Cable TV audio and video. In your setup, the audio and video signals are both carried over that coaxial cable. Most A/V Receivers cannot accept or decode an "RF" signal (which is what comes over cable). This may be what you are referring to when you say your cable plug "doesn't fit" into your receiver. Those of us with cable boxes are fortunate b/c most boxes will offer RCA (red/white/yellow) outputs which can be connected to the inputs on our receivers. In your case, you need a piece of equipment in place of the box. Some TV's will have RCA audio outs (red/white) which you can then run to your receivers inputs (which is what it sounds like you did). The problem you discovered is that this doesn't bypass the TV's speakers or volume controls. Another solution is to run your cable through a hifi VCR and run the audio outs from the VCR to your receiver and the video out to your TV.

    As for your DVD player, you should connect the audio output from the player to your receiver NOT to your TV. You don't need to run the audio through the TV unless you want to use your TV's speakers. The video signal can be run to the TV directly.

    Cable TV - connect to TV input
    TV Audio out -(red/white) from TV out to Receiver TV Input
    DVD player - Audio output (red/white) to Receiver DVD input
    DVD player - Video output (yellow) to TV video 2
  3. Bob McElfresh

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    Hello Sidharth. Welcome to HTF!

    No. You cannot hook your CATV coax directly to your reciever. You need to go through a VCR first.

    Your CATV coax has a BUNCH of channels all mixed together. Your TV and VCR have a "TUNER" that lets you pick one channel.

    Your reciever does NOT have a television "TUNER". Something like your VCR needs to take the mix of channels and convert it to:

    - A video signal (yellow RCA cable)
    - 2 Audio signals (Red/Blue RCA cables)

    Your reciever can take these signals.

    Does your TV have L/R Audio outputs? If so, run L/R cables from the TV to one of the inputs on the reciever. (Use the TV/DBS inputs). Now your television will provide audio to the reciever and get the nice surround sound.
  4. sridhar

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    You can connect the components as follows,

    a. Connect the Monitor OUT 'Video' jack to the Video IN jack on the TV using a composite cable.
    b. Connect the Video OUT from the DVD player to the 'Video' jack on the Receiver using a composite cable.
    c. If you have a Digital output jack on the DVD connect it to the Digital INPUT DVD jack on the Receiver. If not, connect the 'right' & 'left' audio (speaker) cables on the DVD player to the 'right' & 'left' AUDIO DVD jack on the Receiver. This will however, give you only 2-channel audio.
    If the DVD player has 6-channel output, connect the cables for all (main, surround, center & subwoofer) to the 6CH input jack on the Receiver.
    d. Connect the 'right' & 'left' audio (speaker) cables on the CD player to the 'right' & 'left' AUDIO CD jack on the Receiver.
    e. Connect the 'right' & 'left' audio (speaker) cables on the Tape deck to the 'right' & 'left' AUDIO MD/CD-R jack on the Receiver.

    Speakers: Connect the largest pair as the MAIN 'A' (Left & Right) speakers to the Receiver. Connect the 2nd pair as REAR Surround (Left & Right) on the Receiver. You may want to connect another as the Center speaker, that is used for all Audio/Dialogues on DTS 5.1 encoded DVD's. Lastly, a Sub-woofer would provide you with the low frequency effects (explosions etc..).

    With the above connection, the Receiver becomes a central unit. When you want to watch a movie on DVD, you can switch the input
    source on the Receiver to DVD, and change the TV channel to AUX (or AV1 in some TV's). To hear the Tape or CD player,
    change source to the corresponding one on the Receiver.

    Cable - I guess you have a wall outlet or the co-ax cable from the cable provider. This cannot go on th receiver, and hence will have to be connected on the TV directly. Other option, if you have a VCR, the co-ax can connect to the VCR, and VCR connects to teh Receiver. In this case, the audio can be heard on the speakers connected to the Receiver.

    best luck with the connections. Let us know if this works !!

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