oVeR the AiR is OvEr the HiLL! Directv Plot???

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Fred Manteghian, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. Fred Manteghian

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    Sep 1, 1998
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    I wonder if anyone else is having this problem. I've lost the ability to get any local channels over the air on my Zenith DTV1080 if DirectV is offering them over the dish!

    This all started a few months ago when local Connecticut stations started appearing as an optional purchase on my program guide. It was a pain since the Directv slots appeared before the over the air slots and I had to "channel-up" to get to the free over the air station. For example, I push "8" to get channel 8, and I'd get DirectV's channel 8 ('call xxx to order') channel, then I'd press channel up to get to over the air (read: FREE) channel analog or digital, etc.

    well, starting Saturday, the over the air channels for ANY of the channels Directv offers over the dish, are now GONE from my Program Guide!?!?!?! If the local station is NOT offered by DirectV however -- I love this -- it DOES still appear on the program guide!

    So, what this means is, I can't get local analog, and worse, I can't get HDTV OTA!

    I tried running through the setup again, several times, disconnected power for a minute so it would try it on its own, but nothing works.

    I called Directv and they told me to try Zenith, said it wasn't there problem.....I'm waiting for a call back. The weekend crew at DirectV told me I could get rid of the bothersome "call xxx to order" stations by blocking them, but that doesn't work. They still appear. Presumably, if you order them, then you can have them blocked. First things first . . . .

    Anybody else have this problem?

    Fred Manteghian
  2. Bill Slack

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    Mar 16, 1999
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    Are you sure it's just not checked in your channel favorites list?

    All of my local OTA stations are offered by DTV, and I don't have any problems.

    Now, if I just enter the number it doesn't work since it gives me the DTV channel, but I can cycle to the -1 (digital) channels with the channel up/down buttons. But they have to be checked off in the channel list.

    I don't have a Zenith box, but a Toshiba DST3000 (E86 based.)
  3. Jim Ferguson

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    Sep 9, 1998
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    Check the HDTV Hardware forum on AVSforum. Chances are you got hit by the buggy software upgrade that was released last week. There's a huuuuge thread on it over there.

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