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Jan 20, 2003
****************************PLEASE READ****************************:

- Orders over $20 include FREE SHIPPING within the USA (media mail or first class whichever is cheaper).

- Orders under $20 ship for $2 flat, which is non-negotiable, so it behooves you to order several DVDs at a time.

- Delivery confirmation will also be provided on all US shipments.

- Shipping outside the USA will be extra.

- Unless otherwise specified below, all DVDs are WIDESCREEN unless that is not the original aspect ratio (OAR) or there is no widescreen format curently available.


OOP = out of print
SE = special edition
CE = collectors edition
LE = limited edition

New(er) releases:

In America $7
Walk the Line: CE $SOLD
Zathura: SE (SEALED) $11


Alien Quadrilogy $SOLD
Angels in America (award winning HBO miniseries) $15
Die Hard Trilogy - Ultimate Edition $SOLD
Ultimate Matrix Collection $30


By Brakhage - Anthology (no insert) $SOLD
Eyes Without a Face $SOLD
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (no clear outer slipcase - otherwise complete and excellent) $15
My Own Private Idaho $20


Alfred Hitchcock Presents Volume 1 $5 # PENDING #
Family Plot $8 # PENDING #
Frenzy $SOLD
Marnie $SOLD
Rope $SOLD
Saboteur $8 # PENDING #
Shadow of a Doubt $8 # PENDING #
Topaz $8 # PENDING #
Torn Curtain $SOLD
Trouble With Harry, The $8 # PENDING #

Rare/out of print:

Big Trouble in Little China: SE (2-disc w/exclusive DTS track and special features, surface scuffs - plays fine) $SOLD
Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Anchor Bay) $30
Disney's Dumbo $SOLD
Fantasia: 60th Anniversary Edition $SOLD
Halloween: LE (2-disc, holographic cover, some scuffs on disc) $20
Quatermass and the Pit (Hammer/Anchor Bay) $35 # PENDING #
Reptile, The (Hammer/Anchor Bay) $25
Shawshank Redemption: LE (outer slip case has some wrinkling) $40


Batman Begins (Deluxe Edition, SEALED) $SOLD
Behind Enemy Lines (sealed) $SOLD
Black Hawk Down: SUPERBIT $SOLD
Bourne Supremacy $SOLD
Dead or Alive (unrated) $10
Dead or Alive 2 (import) $5
Dead or Alive Final $10
Escape from New York: Special Edition $SOLD
Island, The (Ewam McGregor) $SOLD
K-19: The Widowmaker
Kill Bill: Volume 1 $SOLD
Kill Bill: Volume 2 $SOLD
King Arthur: Unrated Widescreen Director's Cut $SOLD
Knights Tale: SUPERBIT $SOLD
Kung Fu Hustle (SEALED) $7 :: PENDING ::
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen $8
Long Kiss Goodnight (Renny Harlin dir.) $5
Master and Commander $7
Perfect Storm $SOLD
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl $SOLD
Runaway Train (John Voight) $5
Spider-man: SUPERBIT $14
Spider-man 2: SUPERBIT $SOLD
Superman 2 $7
Superman: The Movie $SOLD
Terminator 2: Extreme Edition $SOLD
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines $7
Terminator: SE $SOLD
Tomb Raider $5
Touching the Void $5
Troy (Brad Pitt) $SOLD
Twister $7 :: PENDING ::
U-571 $SOLD
White Squall (Ridley Scott directed, SEALED) $7
Windtalkers (Nick Cage) $7
X-men 1.5$7
X-men 2 $SOLD


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (has some scuffing on disc that doesn't affect play) $7


Dinosaur: CE (Disney) $15
Harry Potter 1 $8
Harry Potter 2 (SEALED) $10
Harry Potter 3 $8
Polar Express, The $9


10 (sealed) $5
Best in Show $SOLD
Blazing Saddles (latest release, SEALED) $SOLD
Casino Royale $6
Corpse Bride $9
Dogma: Special Edition $9
Fast Times At Ridgemont High: SE $7 :: PENDING ::
Ferris Buellers Day Off (SEALED) $7 :: PENDING ::
Ghosts of Mars $4
Half-Baked: Fully Baked Edition (full screen) $7
Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi (unrated) $8
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back $8
Jersey Girl $SOLD
Kicking and Screaming $7
King's Ransom $5
Ladykillers, The $7
Made (Vince Vaughn) $5
Mighty Wind, A $5
Monty Python and the Holy Grail: SE (couple of marks on disc one but nothing major) $SOLD
Napoleon Dynamite $SOLD
Nurse Betty $5
Office Space: Special Edition With Flair $SOLD
Opposite of Sex $10
Porkys/Porkys the Next Day $SOLD
Real Genius $7
Risky Business $6
Saved! $5
Seinfeld: I'm Tellin You for the Last Time $5
Sleepover $5
Stripes: Extended Edition (SEALED) $8
Team America - World Police (Uncensored and Unrated Special Collector's Edition, SEALED, full screen) $SOLD
This is Spinal Tap: SE $SOLD
Van Wilder Unrated (SEALED) $7


Affliction (Nolte, printed cover art) $5
Amelie $SOLD
Any Given Sunday $SOLD
Apollo 13: Anniversary Edition (SEALED) $SOLD
Aviator $7
Beautful Mind, A $SOLDp
Chicago $6
Clockwork Orange, A $SOLD
Coffee and Cigarettes $5
Cold Mountain $SOLD
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind $7
Crash (Best picture winner, Paul Haggis dir., SEALED) $SOLD
Devil's Keep $5
Doors, The : SE (Oliver Stone) $6
Erin Brockovic $7
Full Frontal $5
Gangs of NY (SEALED) $SOLD
Goodfellas: SE (SEALED) $SOLD
Hard Days Night (The Beatles) $9
Hearts in Atlantis (Stephen King) $5
Hotel Rwanda (SEALED) $7 :: PENDING ::
Intermission $SOLD
King of NY: SE (Chris Walken) $7
K-Pax (Kevin Spacey, Canadian release) $5
Open Your Eyes (Penelope Cruz - original Spanish version of Vanilla Sky) $7
Passion of the Christ $SOLD
Piano Teacher, The (unrated) $14
Pieces of April $5
Player, The (Robert Altman) $SOLD
Road to Perdition (DTS version) $SOLD
Roger Dodger $7
Saturday Night Fever $SOLD
Seabiscuit $SOLD
Sex and Lucia $SOLD
Simple Plan, A $5
Sound of the Music, The (Collectors Edition, SEALED) $SOLD
Thirteen $7
Timecode (disc has some scuffs) $SOLD
Training Day $5
Urban Cowboy (Canadian release) $5
Varsity Blues $5
Wall Street (Oliver Stone directed) $5
When Harry Met Sally $SOLD
XX/XY $5
Zatoichi - The Blind Swordsman (Vol. 1, Tokyo Shock release) $10


Fahrenheit 9/11 $7
I Don't Know Jack (Jack Nance documentary, w/David Lynch interviews) $SOLD
Super Size Me $SOLD


Adventures of Baron Munchausen $7
Contact $SOLD
Dreamscape: SE (sealed) $7
Dune: Extended Edition $14
Fifth Element: Ultimate Edition $14
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Donald Sutherland) $7
Serenity $SOLD
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow $7
Star Trek: Collector's Editions: I, II, III, IV, VI and Generations, some SEALED) $7
Stargate Ultimate Edition (some light marks on disc - does not affect play) $5
Total Recall: LE (tin case) $SOLD


Alone in the Dark (Jack Palance, 1982) $SOLD
Alone in the Dark (Uwe Boll director) $5
Altered States (sealed) $5
Amityville Horror (2005 remake) $7
Angel Heart (latest release, SEALED) $7
Antichrist, The $SOLDBlade $5
Body Snatchers (Abel Ferara dir.) $5
Bram Stoker's Dracula: SUPERBIT $SOLD
Breeders $SOLD
Card Player, The (Dario Argento) $SOLD
Cat's Eye $5
Curse of Frankenstein $6
Cursed: Unrated $5
Dark Water: Unrated $7
Dawn of the Dead: Unrated (remake) $7
Dead End Drive In $SOLD
Dead Next Door $7
Dead Zone, The (Walken) $SOLD
Dementia/Daughter of Horror (Kino) $17
Devil's Backbone: SE $SOLD
Doomwatch (Euroshock Collection) $SOLD
Dressed to Kill: SE (surface scuffs - plays fine) $SOLD
Exorcist: The Beginning (SEALED) $7
Final Destination $5
Frailty $5
Freddy vs. Jason $6
Ghoul, The (1933) $7 $7
He Knows You're Alone (slasher, Tom Hanks first film!) $6
Hearse, The $4
Hell of the Living Dead $5 # PENDING #
Ice Cream Man $SOLD
It (Stephen King penned miniseries) $5
Jason X $5
Jaws (DTS version) $SOLD
Landlady, The (cover art has damage) $SOLD
Langoliers, The (Stephen King) $SOLD
Last Horror Movie, The $10
Lifeforce $SOLD
Lord of Illusion $5
Lust for a Vampire (Hammer) $9 # PENDING #
Machinist, The (Cristian Bale) $SOLD
Marionnier (Eilte) $7
Phone (Tartan) $11
Pieces $4
Puphedz (Elite) $5
Q: The Winged Serpent (Blue Underground, sealed) $SOLD
Quicksilver Highway (Mick Garris dir., Stephen King and Clive adaptations) $7
Raising Cain (John Lithgow, Brian DePalma directed) $5
Red Eye $7
Resident Evil: Apocalypse $SOLD
Revenge of Frankenstein $7
Riding the Bullet (Mick Garris dir., Stephen King adaptation) $7
Saw: Unrated (limited edition packaging) $SOLD
Se7en $SOLD
Shining, The (Mick Garris dir. TV miniseries w/Steven Weber) $7
Silver Bullet (Stephen King) $7
Soylent Green $7
Stand, The $SOLD
Stephen King's Golden Years $SOLD
Thing, The (John Carpenter) $7
Thirteen Ghosts (remake) $6
Van Helsing $SOLD
What Lies Beneath $6
Xtro $SOLD


Basic Instinct: Limited Edition (Ice Pick Case, out of print) $10
Following (early film from Chris Nolan of Memento fame) $7
Fugitive, The $SOLD
Panic Room: Superbit $6
U-turn (Oliver Stone directed) $7
Wild Things (unrated) $7


Stunt Coordinator
May 2, 2005
Hey, I'm interested in the following:
Escape from New York SE
The Island
The Machinist


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 6, 2001
I will take,

By Brakhage - Anthology (no insert) $15


Mighty Wind, A $5

What is there condition?


Supporting Actor
Jan 20, 2003
Instant DVD collection.

Take the remaining available titles for $750 shipped (insured w/tracking w/in the USA). That's $5.50 a title for over 130 titles that total using the above prices almost $1100. Including boxsets, Criterions, Superbits, out of print and factory sealed titles.

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