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John Bryant

Second Unit
Mar 18, 2002
Willing to negotiate all prices, just looking to move fast.
*=sealed #=2 for 1
Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be $3.50 priority for the first dvd, add $1 for each extra dvd. Paypal verified member, that is my preferred method of payment. Will also accept money orders.
Jurrasic Park/Lost World DD WS Boxset----$24
Mercury Rising Collector's Edition DD WS OOP----$15
Monty Python and the Holy Grail SE----$15
Army of Darkness Official Bootleg EditionPending
Supergirl Limited Edition Anchor Bay*----$10
Star Trek The Motion Picture 2 Disc Collector's Edition*Sold
The Nutty Professor 2----$14
WWF SummerSlam 1999----$12
WWF SummerSlam 2000----$12
ECW Extreme EvolutionSold
The Bone Collector DTS Collector's Edition----$10
Gone in Sixty Seconds (Cage)----$12
Conan The Barbarian CETraded
Rocky CE----$8
The Princess Bride NON CE----$8
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within----$15
Caddyshack 20th Anniversary Edition----$10
Will give you two of these for anything on my want list, or just about anything. Just want to get rid of them.
Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker#----$6
Lost in Space (promo) #
Stargate (promo) #
Six Days, Seven Nights (promo) #
Bruce Lee: Fists of Fury & The Chinese Connection Double Feature#----$5
Major Wants
Trigun Complete Series
Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection
Cowboy Bebop Perfect Sessions
Twin Peaks Season One
Rashomon CC
The Hidden Fortress CC
Yojimbo CC
Sanjuro CC
Disney Treasures Silly Symphonies
Disney Treasures Mickey Mouse In Living Color
Walking With Prehistoric Beasts
Transformers Season One
Lawrence Of Arabia
Fantasia Anthology
Ultimate Toy Box
Almost Famous Bootleg
Oz Season One
Other Wants
15 Minutes Infinifilm
Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai
And Then There Were None
Batman Beyond ROTJ Uncut
A Better Place
Dick Tracy
Dr. Strangelove
Enemy at the Gates
Highlander Immortal Edition
Kurosawa Documentary
The Man Who Wasn't There
Nightwalker Vol. 1 - Midnight Detective
Not Another Teen Movie
Sixth Sense Vista Series
Spider Man The Ultimate Villian Showdown
Transformers The Movie
8 1/2 CC
Charade CC
The Lady Vanishes CC
Rebecca CC

Dennis Mc

Second Unit
Jul 15, 2001
I have the following from your "want" list.
Silly Symphonies *Sealed*
15 Minutes - Infinifilm
Will trade them both for these 3 titles ...
Mercury Rising
Star Trek - TMP
Monty Python and the HG
Let me know.
[email protected]
Second thought .........
I would also trade you a Toy Story (Ultimate) for these titles ...
Conan the Barbarian
Army of Darkness - bootleg
Bone Collector
Princess Bride
Gone in 60 Seconds
Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker
[email protected]

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