Ovation home theater setup DVD doesn't work right!

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by DanParmelee, Jul 19, 2004.

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    Hey all, I'm not new to the home theatre scene, I've owned a nice setup for a few years now. (Hitachi Ultravision Digital 60" PTV)

    I recently bought the Ovation Software Home Theater calibration/setup disk (not the Avia one, the cheap one for like $18).

    I ran all their calibration tests on my projection TV, but it looks absolutely terrible. The color is WAY undersaturated, and the tint/hue is making yellows look green. I used the glasses exactly like they said, but I'm not pleased with the results.

    Additionally, I ran a THX Optimizer on my T2 Extreme DVD and it gave similar results. I "failed" the circle-test...the right border of the rectangle is not visible on my set, even after the Auto Digital Convergence. Oddly enough, sharpness does not really change much in either test pattern.

    I followed directions exactly by doing it at night with no ambient lighting or reflective materials on nearby walls.

    Any clues as to how I should proceed? Is the $40 Avia disc really worth it? Or am I better off bringing in a professional (last resort, I don't want to drop tons of cash on it). Bear in mind this PTV is about 3 years old (was top of the line when I got it). I purchaed an extended service agreement, perhaps it is time to get a technician out to check for bad projectors?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would opt for an ISF tech to come out. Second choice would be to have the people you have the service with come out and adjust it, and clean it. I don't know if you'll get someone knowledgeable enough to set everything up the way you want it though (unless you get the ISF tech).

    Are you the type who is technically oriented? Have you ever opened the TV and cleaned the lenses? If you can, contact Hitachi about purchasing the service manual. With that, you can then get into the service menus and get things tweaked.

    And YES, the full Avia DVD is worth the money. I've always found that setting the black level and contrast were the most difficult(contrast especially).

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