Outlook Express - Yeah, Have a Problem

Michael Martin

Nov 26, 2000
Hoping someone here can point me toward a solution...

We have Road Runner at home, and use Outlook Express 6 as our mail client. For the last month or so, after downloading 7 or 8 messages, the app freezes and so does the PC.

My wife subscribes to a number of email lists. What RR has told her to do is go to mail2web.com, clear out the messages from the lists, and go back into the system.

She's done this, and it usually works. However, not always. I've talked to 2 people at RR help, and they tell me it's an OE problem.

I downloaded the IE Service Pack 1 to make sure the app is up to date; I used Norton WinDoctor to check for any problems.

We may go ahead and set up a yahoo mail account for my wife for her email lists, but it kind of pisses me off that we have to do that - why should our email keep getting hosed up?

Anyone have any ideas?


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Mar 4, 2001
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I had a problem similar to that once. My mailbox had accumulated too many messages for Outlook to handle. While trying to download the messages Outlook would just freeze. I had to manually delete the excess messages, then Outlook worked fine again.

So yes, it may be a problem with Outlook that your ISP can't do anything about.

Do you have Outlook set to delete messages from the server after downloading them? How many messages do you receive before checking your email?

How you tried a different email program, like Pegasus or Eudora?


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Jan 27, 2003
Is it the same 7 or 8 messages that keeps crashing the system? Maybe one of the messages is causing the problems. I once had an email message that kept screwing up my computer so I used my Yahoo account (they let you check other ISP's) and deleted the foul message. Then I went back into my mail program and everything was fine.

It could also be a virus. Outlook is a breeding ground for viruses. There could be one message that is attacking your mailbox. I also had the same problem where 1 message had a virus and everytime my mail client would start to recieve it - BAM! Frozen system, I had to have my IT guy go into my mailbox (from his server) and zap the infected message.

Another method might be to download Netscape Complete (the one that has email capabilities) and see if you can get all the messages to download through that.

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