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Outlaw Audio 755 Multichannel Amplifier 5x200w (1 Viewer)

Tom Donaghue

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Aug 18, 2005
*****ITEM HAS SOLD*****

This listing is for an Outlaw Audio 755 5 channel, 200 watt amplifier. This was purchased a little over a year ago from a fellow Audiogoner, but is still in very good condition. There are a few small marks on either side of the amp, which I have indicated w/pictures, but the front is clean. This is an excellent value for anyone in the market for a 5 channel home theater amplifier.

This amp has been well maintained in a smoke-free, dedicated home theater environment. After purchasing new speakers this year, I no longer come close using the 755 to it's full potential. The 755 is very similar to the newer 7500 series, but does not have XLR connections. I do not believe it is under warranty any longer, however it is in perfect working order and I guarantee it will arrive as such.

I am asking for the first $875 or Best Offer plus shipping. I will pay the PayPal fees, so the buyer is only responsible for the item itself and shipping costs. I will also accept a certified money order for payment in addition to PayPal. Shipping will likely be fairly expensive (~$50-$70, depending upon location), but based on your area, this may vary. I have some feedback here in the HTF Good Trader List, also for additional feedback, my eBay user name is tomd51 and AudiogoN user name is TomD51. There's some pictures here on the AudiogoN listing.

Any questions, please let me know... -TD

*****ITEM HAS SOLD*****

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