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Outlaw 950 Zone 2 Questions (1 Viewer)


Sep 21, 1998
Trying to get answers to a couple of questions from the current users/well connected folks of the Outlaw 950 (Gonk, RAF?).

I have a Yamaha RX-V2095 which is my control center for HT and whole house distributed a/v. The volume control motor has been acting up (sticks intermittently) requiring a $150 fix. Since I pre-wired for 2 surround back channels and have 2 direct radiating speakers currently serving front effect duties (Atlantic Tech 251.1LR's will mate great with my System 350THX), I figured why spend another $150 on old 5.1 when, for another $750 I could make the move to 7.1. So, a couple of nights ago I got on the waiting list for the 950. Due to budget limitations, I will initially use my 2095's amp section for 5 channels and I will use my old JVC pro-logic receiver for the 2 surround back channels (a strong 2 channel amp section rated at 120 wpc 20Hz-20,000Hz @ 8 ohms and 200 wpc @ 4 ohms - pretty good for an old mid-line receiver).

Anyway, on to the questions. I was reading the Outlaw manual and am concerned about its Zone 2/record operation and features.

One, it looks like the record out is limited to the active input selected. That is, you can't select Video 2 to watch and send Video 3 out to be recorded. Am I reading this right? If so, my 2095 is superior in this respect because it does have selectable record out independent of the source being viewed/listened to at the time.

Two, why no video output for Zone 2? Again, my 2095 has this. Am I missing something?

Three, are there discrete IR codes to access Zone 2 source selection and volume control? The operation described in the manual is push Zone 2 button on remote, scroll down to source or volume, then toggle source or change volume. That's fine if you're looking at the 950 or its OSD. Not fine at all if you're downstairs just listening to music and pointing the remote at IR repeaters. Now, with the 2095, I have direct one button access to any source and volume up and down. I have a page in my Pronto remote that has the applicable buttons. If Outlaw has discrete IR codes to access source/volume, I can program them into the Pronto. If not, not sure what I'm going to do.

Any help you all can provide will be most appreciated. Discovering these limitations has been somewhat of a disappointment. After seeing all the great reviews and excitement about the 950, I too was really excited about upgrading to 7.1 and entering the world of separates. But separates for separates sake is not enough when a 3 year old receiver appears to have more options and flexibility in record options and multi-zone/custom install functionality.

I hope that there are workarounds, otherwise I'll have to think long and hard about "upgrading" to the 950. At least I'll have a long time to think about it given the lengthy waiting list.

Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.


Andrew Pratt

Senior HTF Member
Dec 8, 1998
I've like answers on those as well, esp the discrete volume and source selection for the second zone

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