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outlaw 950 pre-amp processor for sale, low price/free shipping (1 Viewer)

Gary Murrell

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Oct 20, 2000
hey guys

i have here a outlaw 950 pre-amp available for sale

this is one fabulous unit and the sound it gives with my ati amps is pure ear candy, i am selling due to the fact that i have credit cards bills eating me alive and they MUST be paid asap

the unit is perfect shape cosmetically and mechanically and has 3 years of the 5 year warranty left from outlaw, after you receive the unit a quick call to outlaw will transfere the warranty to you and if you wish so allows you to send this thing in to be updated and looked over by the outlaws, this is free of charge, there is no one better at customer service than outlaw

most folks also assume that outlaw upon releasing a new updated pre-amp (which is said to be in the works but won't be out for a long long time yet) will allow a trade in upgrade from this 950

again there is no better audio company than outlaw

unit comes with everything just like it was from outlaw, both original boxes(item comes double boxed), the original remote, all papers manuals etc and the power cord

you really can't lose with this thing, a pre-amp of this stature at my low price below is a unreal deal, get rid of those receivers and step up to separate's

you may view my feedback over at ebay by clicking here:


as you can see i have over 1600 positives and i am a powerseller i have also done many deals here on the htf

here is the link at outlaw:


my price is 575.00 with free insured shipping

i can ship outside usa for a small extra fee, email and we can discuss

first email to [email protected] gets it

i wish to accept paypal for this pre-amp

thanks guys

Gary Murrell

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