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Outlaw 950 + Definitive Technology Speakers + what amp? (1 Viewer)

Todd Schnell

Second Unit
May 21, 2001
Hello everyone,
I just received my Outlaw 950 confirmation e-mail.
I'm still undecided in choosing the right amp.
I'm looking for some opinions from you guys.
My speakers:
Definitive Technology
Mains - BP 2004TL
Center - CLR 2002
Surrounds - BP 2X
I'm thinking of going with one of the Outlaw amps.
Or perhaps there is a better match for my speakers in about the same price range?
I may opt to add rear surrounds later, but that is not my main concern.
If I go 5 channel now, I can always add a 2 channel amp later.
Great sound is priority #1, & music is just as important to me as home theater.
So what do you think?
Would an different amp such as a Parasound, Sherbourn, or other be a better mate for my speakers?
Looking for the best bang for the buck here.
To open a whole other can of worms, I'm thinking of auditioning the latest flagship receivers from Denon, & Pioneer. :)
The simplicity of a receiver is appealing to me, but at what cost of sound quality (if any?) is of course the question.
Thanks for any & all thoughts & opinions.


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 1, 2001
I have nearly the same setup (with a 2300 center channel)and am going through the same hand wringing with the same choices. Let me know what you decide.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 3, 1999
I like Parasound with DefTechs. If the Outlaw amps are still sourced by ATI they may not be the best of matches. ATI amps are, IMO, pretty bright and the DefTechs tend to like a neutral to warm amp.

Lewis Besze

Senior HTF Member
Jul 28, 1999
I have Parasounds as well with my 950 and a suite of Def Techs.

Yes Paras are good match IMO.
Sep 22, 1999
Todd - I run DefTech speakers all around - 2000 L/R, 3000 C, 2300 sides L/R, and 2004 rear L/R. As one of the 950 beta testers, I can tell you the 950 will make your DefTechs speak like they've not spoken before.

Regarding amps, I bought one of the original Outlaw 750's. It is an outstanding value, and the 750 or 770 would work extremely well with the 950 and your DefTechs.

I really believe you would need to spend ten (10) times the price of a 770 to really hear a real difference. For value, you cannot beat the Outlaw combo.

On the other hand, you must consider the 'What I want to own' factor. Good luck.

Regards - Gene

Aaron Cooke

Second Unit
Apr 1, 2002

Hi. I've got Def Tech BP 2002's. I just got on the 950 waiting list a few days ago so I can't comment on how well it will match, but I just got a B&K 7270 last week and the difference it makes from just using my Onkyo TX-SV828 is amazing. I think the B&K complements the Def Tech's very well. You might also want to check out the Anthem MCA series. That was what I was leaning towards before I decided to go for the B&K. If you're looking for a bargain definitely check out Anthem.


Mike Gl

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 26, 2001
I have 7 channels of Rotel amplifiers (an RB993 with 3X200 watts and two RB981 each with 2x130 watts) powering my Definitive Technology speakers. The speakers are BP 10 and CLR1000 for the left, right and center, BP2X for the side surrounds and Celsius in the rear. I have been pleased with the match of Rotel and Definitive Technology speakers.

Mike Witko

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 1, 2001

I have almost the same setup.

BP8B for fronts

CLR 2002 for Center

BP2X for rears.

SVS Subwoofer.

I currently have a Dennon 1602 reciever and it is not enough. It sounds fine for movies but really lacks for music. I am looking at getting seperates and am very interested in the Outlaw 950/770 combo. I just put my name on the list so I know I have a while to research for any type of amp that might be better then the 770. My main objective right now is Value. I want to find the best deal for my money. I am willing to pay up to $3000 for a combo that sounds the best with my current setup. Hopefully this thread takes off.

Karl Englebright

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 9, 1999
Well I've been wondering the same thing about the 950. I've also set a budget of around $3,000. Right now I have Sherwood Newcastle R-945 that sounds awesome with movies but is a bit too grainy and bright with music on my BP 2004's. If I can get the 950 and 755 combo and a SVS for around $3k, I'll be a happy camper. However, if it turns out that the 755 is too bright then I'll have to go with the more expensive Rotel or B&K amps(which I have listened to). The Rotel and B&K units would be easy to return, but paying the bucks to ship the 755 back(plus lugging it to the shipper)would not be a whole lot of fun.

Todd Schnell

Second Unit
May 21, 2001
Thank you all for the suggestions.
Sorry for taking so long to get back to this thread.
Well guess what I did?
Pulled the trigger on a Denon 5803!
My local dealer made me a very good deal, & doubled my warranty.
I came to the conclusion I needed more than the Outlaw 950 offered feature wise.
Component video switching being one of the biggest reason.
I'm sure the Outlaw 950 is awesome.
I'm a fan of Outlaw & had the 1050 receiver in my system for the past year.
I'm honestly dying to hear the Outlaw pre-pro combo.
Anyone in the New Orleans area with the Outlaw unit? :D
The other thing that is a factor with me is when spending this kind of money its nice to deal with a local dealership.
Anyway I went to the dealer to audition the Denon 5803 & Pioneer 49tx.
Thinking if the 49tx stood toe to toe with 5803 (knowing the 5800 sounds awesome) & I could get a good deal (cost me about the same as the Outlaw 950/770 combo), then I would go for it.
Well he had the 47tx not the 49tx.
For those who don't know the 47tx has the same amps as its big brother, but minus a few features.
Among other things it has less DACs & the shielding not being up to the nice copper on the 49tx.
To me & my wife, & without going into a full review here the Denon beat the 47tx hands down sound wise.
Especially with music being clearer & more airy.
Set up had been done correctly per the dealer who has been selling Pioneer Elite & Denon for as long as I know.
This is not exactly a fair comparison I now since the 5803 was not compared to the true Pioneer flagship.
But at any rate I fell in love with the sound of the Denon.
I was still curious to compare the 49tx, but the local dealer could not get another 49tx soon enough unless a special order was made in which at that point it would cost me as much as the Denon.
So he made me an offer I couldn't refuse & the wife gave a big thumbs up on the looks as compared to the Outlaw (sorry Outlaw).
She also was impressed with the sound of the Denon.
So here we are with a new Denon 5803 in the house.
I'll just say we are very impressed with this piece so far.

Juan Escobar

Jan 23, 2002
Todd, I have def tech all-around with outlaw 950,B&K 7270 ,I had a denon before ,is a good receiver but I love my new combination, is a little more expensive that 950/775 but sound great.

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