Outlaw 950 Clone???

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by TedO, Feb 16, 2002.

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    I was looking at the outlaw web page, at thier FAQ section under the 950. The one thing that struck me was that they have developed the 950 in partnership with the Malaysian manufacturer. The manufacturer will produce and sell (to other companies) their own version of the 950 as stated on thier site.

    "as part of their significant contribution of engineering/production manufacturing resources they are permitted to offer differentiated versions of the 950 platform to other companies."

    Will this mean that there may be a higher/lower version of the 950 sold by someone else?

    Does anyone know any of these "other companies"?

    All I need is one more amp (already shopping for one) to free me of my receivers power amplifer section, so I am considering upgrading to a pre/pro for my system. If I sell my Pioneer VSX36TX the upgrade won't cost me that much. I like everything I hear about the outlaw 950, but there are alot of features I will never use so one of these clones my fit my needs better.

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    Check out some of the various 950 threads, as well at the 'are rotel pre/pro's any good?' thread. You'll find lots of talk about the clones.

    The quick answer is that Atlantic Technology and Sherbourn are both offering 950 clones. This is in part based on the photos from CES. The pre/pro's presented by those companies are laid out exactly the same as the 950. Only the faceplate is changed. You'll find links to photos in those threads.

    Do a search using A-2000 or clones as keywords.

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