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  1. Mark JM

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    Feb 26, 2002
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    I have a pair of NHT Ones which I mounted almost flush facing out of my shed at each corner, and they set just under the eve of the roof. Inasmuch as I have cut 2 holes in my shed walls, and have caulked around the speakers, it is not practical to bring them inside. My question is, living in upstate NY and being prone to some severe winters, should I try to cover and or insulate the speakers, or will they be fine as is? I do not know anything abt the construction of speakers, but Im concerned mainly about mositure, freezing and melting, re-freezing...
    so can anyone tell me, will they survive the winter??


  2. Chu Gai

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    I'd certainly bounce that particular question off the manufacturer. However I'd think in a pinch, one could rig up some sort of 'protective' covering (reynold's wrap?) followed by some heavy gauge plastic with a thick rubber band.
  3. Robert Fellows

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    I live in California, so the weather here is much milder.

    I just spray the speaker terminals with WD-40 or Tri-Flo in the fall to help reduce water intrusion.

    Your speakers should have a spec that will tell their temperature ranges, operating and not operating. As long as you're within those ranges you will probably be ok.

    I'd point the grills down, so water will run out of them and not 'pool' and then freeze.

    If you're worried enough to post here, perhaps you should just take them down for the winter.

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