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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Eric D Wong, Jul 25, 2004.

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    Forgive if in wrong section- but I figured only the 'advanced' enthusiast would even think about doing this....

    Anyway here goes.... Has anybody done an outdoor setup? I would imagine this would be the most resonance and standing wave free enviroment.

    What inspired me was I did a DJ gig a few weekends ago outdoors, I played my system over a swimming pool. It sounded really really good I thought. No reflections or anything like that, and a huge area for natural echo. We also have a local drive in theater, but they pipe the sound thru crappy FM.

    Only trouble is the speakers would have to be weatherproofed and you might look a little crazy sitting outside at night listening to your system. Not to mention you probably need a huge back yard to do this without getting the neighbors on you and a ton of firepower.
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    I did a Co-Op for a guy who had 5.1 around his hot tub out side... he just ran wire from his Denon 5803 I think it was, outside... and he had windows that would open up so you could watch his Pool-Room Projection screen... Was a slick setup heh.


    directly behind the camera was the hot tub outside.. lol was really cool heh There is now a pool table where the deck is.

    Dont remember what speakers he used... but if MK makes outdoor speakers.. I would put my money on them... Or maybe B&W..

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