Out Of Town TV Purchase: Problematic? or No Problem...

Discussion in 'Displays' started by James Edward, Nov 29, 2005.

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    My friend lives in upstate NY. The only stores available to him are Best Buy and Circuit City. I live on Long Island, and here, he can get a significantly better price(about $300 less) at a local PC Richard store.

    My only concern is that if there's a problem with the set right out of the box, he'll be 200 miles and 4 hours away from the store he purchased it from.

    However, from what I hear about large screen sets, any issues are dealt with in the customer's home, NOT by returning the set to the retailer. If so, my concern should be a non-issue.

    Does anyone know what the standard protocol is for service on a brand-new 50"-60" set?

    Chances are, all will be fine, but just in case, I'd like to know one way or the other... Thanks for any insight.
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    In many cases you have two levels of consumer protection, return privileges (dealing with the store) and warranty coverage (dealing with the manufacturer). By buying from an out of town dealer or buying mail order (or via internet) exercising return privileges is more cumbersome.

    In-home service is under the warranty.

    Then there is the third level of coverage, the extended warranty for year 3, perhaps year 4, perhaps year 2, and you can buy or not buy this as you choose.

    Check the warranty coverage before buying, if possible. Exact terms vary, there may be a few instances where you must deal with the store for the first few days or weeks although this is rare. Sometimes it goes the other way, some stores don't offer any return privileges and yo need to deal with the manufacturer from the git go.

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