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    All editions Hail! Hail! Rock N Roll have been out of print. In March before Chuck Berry's passing at the age of 90, the four disc DVD edition was selling on Ebay for $40. Sometimes lower and sometimes higher. Since his passing it has been listed for $200.

    Yesterday sadly Chris Cornell passed at 52. The DVD of the film about the Seattle music scene, Hype, is now going for about $40. Some DVDs are now listed much higher. The blu-ray of Cameron Crow's second film, Singles, is at least $32.99.

    Those are two recent examples. While some progress seems to be happening with a release for Prince now and then, I'm asking for help in reminding the movie/music studios that people are clearly interested in the art and product that has been released. Music has shown to have healing capabilities. While clearly it doesn't solve or fix everything, it can help de-stress and can be comforting to those with Alzheimer's. As a pastor, I have sat in a hospice workshop and heard that dementia/Alzheimer patients are drawn to the music of their teenage years.

    So while I can give thanks that the Roy Orbison Black & White Night blu-ray is back in print with new features, the Concert for George blu-ray, David Bowie and Prince DVDs are out of print, have become expensive, and are increasingly hard to find.

    Does anyone know the status of blu-ray or dvd releases for Jazz on a Summer's Day, Hail! Hail! Rock N Roll, U2's Rattle & Hum or other missing blues, jazz, rock & roll films and documentaries? I didn't seem to find a similar thread here or at Blu-ray.com. Feel free to move this to whichever forum you may feel most appropriate.
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    I think you're posting this in the wrong forum.

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