Our Top 10's of 2002 -- Time To Throw Down / The HTF 2002 Film Awards (See Post #1)

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    OUR TOP 10’s of 2002: Time To Throw Down
    The 1st Annual HOME THEATER FORUM 2002 Film Awards
    Congratulations to...
    The Winner of Best Motion Picture Of 2002.
    Other Winners!
    Best Director: Roman Polanski (The Pianist)
    Runners-up: Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers), Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York), Pedro Almodovar (Talk To Her), Paul Thomas Anderson (Punch-Drunk Love)
    Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis (Gangs Of New York)
    Runners-up: Adrien Brody (The Pianist), Nicolas Cage (Adaptation), Michael Caine (The Quiet American), Jack Nicholson (About Schmidt)
    Best Actress: Julianne Moore (Far From Heaven)
    Runners-up: Nicole Kidman (The Hours), Diane Lane (Unfaithful), Meryl Streep (The Hours), Cate Blanchett (Heaven)
    Best Supporting Actor: Chris Cooper (Adaptation)
    Runners-up: Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers), Ed Harris (The Hours), John C. Reilley (Chicago), Christopher Walken (Catch Me If You Can), Dennis Quaid (Far From Heaven), Alfred Molina (Frida)
    Best Supporting Actress: Meryl Streep (Adaptation)
    Runners-up: Samantha Morton (Minority Report), Kathy Bates (About Schmidt), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago), Julianne Moore (The Hours)
    Breakthrough Performance: Maggie Gyllenhaal (Secretary)
    Runners-up: Adam Sandler (Punch-Drunk Love), Ryan Gosling (The Believer), Sam Rockwell (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), Adrien Brody (The Pianist), Evelyn Sampi (Rabbit-Proof Fence), Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher)
    Best Animated Feature: Spirited Away
    Runners-up: Metropolis, Lilo and Stitch
    Best Foreign-Language Film: Spirited Away
    Runners-up: Y Tu Mama Tambien, Talk To Her, City Of God, Sex And Lucia
    Best Documentary: Standing in the Shadows of Motown
    Runner-up: Bowling For Columbine
    Best Art Direction: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Runners-up: Gangs Of New York, Far From Heaven, Road To Perdition, Frida
    Best Costume Design: Gangs Of New York
    Runners-up: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Chicago, Frida, Road To Perdition, Far From Heaven, The Cat's Meow
    Best Cinematography: Road To Perdition
    Runners-up: Far From Heaven, Gangs Of New York, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Minority Report
    Best Editing: The Hours
    Runners-up: Chicago, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Gangs Of New York, Adaptation
    Best Make-up: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Runners-up: Frida, The Hours, Gangs Of New York, Chicago
    Best Music Score: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Runners-up: Punch-Drunk Love, Catch Me If You Can, The Hours, Far From Heaven
    Best Song: "The Hands that Built America" (Gangs of New York)
    Runners-up: "Lose Yourself" (8 Mile), "Gollum's Song" (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers), "I Move On" (Chicago), "8 Mile" (8 Mile), "Always With Me" (Spirited Away)
    Best Screenplay, Adapted: Adaptation
    Runners-up: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Hours, Chicago, The Pianist
    Best Screenplay, Original: Punch-Drunk Love
    Runners-up: Adaptation, Talk To Her, Far From Heaven, Spirited Away
    Best Sound: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Runners-up: Minority Report, Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones, Punch-Drunk Love, Gangs Of New York
    Best Sound Effects Editing: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Runners-up: Minority Report, Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones, Punch-Drunk Love
    Best Visual Effects: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Runners-up: Minority Report, Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones
    Voting is now closed. My thanks to all of those who have nominated films this year, and I hope to have an even bigger participation next year!
    Top 10 Stuff:
    And “So it begins…”
    Here are our most beloved choices to represent the year of film that was 2002. It was another blockbuster year of Hobbits, Jedis and Spiders, as well of a great selection of foreign and independent product that featured flallegants, plunger salesman obsessed with pudding and humans trapped in a Douglas Sirk movie. If you looked really hard, there was a LOT of great stuff to see.
    And at the end of every year, we at the Home Theater Forum come back to remember a year of films with its ups, its downs and Britney Spears. Our lists represent our choices for what made it and what didn’t this year. And although many of us still have plenty to see over the next few months leading up to the Academy Awards, our lists are always a work in progress.
    And for this 2002 edition, it will be the strongest and most controlled we’ve ever had.
    The following MUST be in all posted Top 10 lists, or will be removed:
    -You must have seen at least 35 official 2002 films to post a list. If you have not seen 35 films this year, do NOT post a list until you have done so.
    -Your list must contain a complete top 10. No exceptions. It is recommended that you post a link back to your 2002 Film List if you have one up there.
    -A “Worst Films of 2002” list will be permitted, it must be done under the Top 10, and must have at least 5 entries, none of which that are on the top 10.
    -Please, no discussion or responses to any of these lists, although update posts are welcomed (I will go back and prune out old update posts after a week or so). This thread will be stickied for a few weeks to allow everyone to get their lists up and further update them with any new additions.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with me through email or private message. Good luck!
    Jason Whyte
    Home Theater Forum
    Additions and updates:
    -Placeholders are welcome, but I must see a posted list within a week of your posting, otherwise it will be deleted.
    -All films must be strictly 2002 film releases ONLY. No platform pushover films permitted (ie. Black Hawk Down, A Beautiful Mind, etc. Those are 2001 films). --Thanks to John for the reminder
    Special thanks to Bill Harris, Steve Russell, Dana Fillhart, Jason Seaver and John Steffens for their assistance on this thread. As well, I'd also like to thank all participating members on this list!
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    The Top 10 Films of 2002
    By Jason Whyte
    WORK IN PROGRESS EDITION. All placements subject to change, and future designs and updates will be occurring frequently through the next few weeks.
    #1. Songs From The Second Floor (Sånger från andra våningen)
    (Sweden, d. Roy Andersson, 1.85:1, 100 min.)
    I thirst for originality and audacity in every film I see. There has to be a level of maturity in a filmmaker, yet also a level that wants to play with the viewer. Roy Andersson has created a film where its world is broken and its inhabitants have broken down. It's a place where a traffic jam piles up yet we don't know where it's going, where flagellants march and torture each other in perfect formation, where a young girl is sacrificed for the means of a larger amount of people, where a man who has a son who "wrote poetry until he went nuts", and looks like he could use some treatment himself. It's a thought-provoking, non-linear, even oddly funny story of man's possible doom into itself, with one incredible static image after another, with no cutting within the scenes. It's a truly startling thing to be able to study an image for almost five minutes (Tsai Ming-Liang's "What Time Is It There?", also on this list, uses some of the same techniques), the camera not moving, our eyes scanning from one corner of the frame to another.
    #2. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    (USA, d. Peter Jackson, 2.39:1, 179 min.)
    A full-blooded, involving, dramatic, epic STORY. It's the kind of storytelling we'd expect out of the mammoth, widescreen hey-days of the 50's, and Jackson has revitalized the epic, turned it on its head and made it feel all new again. In this second chapter to the fascinating J.R.R. Tolkien opus, bonds break and new ones are made, forbidden loves are longed for, and evil is taking over the world. What's fascinating about "The Two Towers" is how Peter Jackson makes us CARE about all of these things. We're as involved as the characters are, we want their goals as much as they do. It also helps that he has created a vast, breathing world, using cutting edge visual technology (another example of this is this year's stellar "Minority Report", also on this list.) and terrific actors (Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan, Viggo Mortensen, among many others) too.
    #3. Punch-Drunk Love
    (USA, d. Paul Thomas Anderson, 2.39:1, 95 min.)
    Paul Thomas Anderson is a director who has never let me down, always a man willing and wanting to try new things with his unique brand of filmmaking. In this wacky Cinemascope romantic comedy that owes a lot to Tati as it does the Coen brothers, he fashions a love story between a nutty plunger salesman (Adam Sandler) and a woman (Emily Watson) who oddly falls for him, all the while this salesman is being hounded for money from phone sex operators, and collecting frequent flyer miles from cups of pudding. Original and out of the ordinary, "Punch-Drunk Love" is not a film that can make sense at times; heck, it isn't supposed to. It's about falling in love under extreme circumstances, and that love overcoming fear.
    #4. All About Lily Chou-Chou (Riri Shushu no subete)
    (Japan, d. Shunji Iwai, 1.85:1, 146 min)
    This is a film that has to be simply seen to be believed. “All About Lily Chou-Chou” is a beautiful study of the alienation of Japanese youth through music and peer pressure, told with style and elegance, and pure filmmaking freedom that is so rarely seen, especially stateside. Lily Chou-Chou is the unseen hero of this world, following a few characters who are lost in a world of teen violence, peer pressure and parents who don’t care; their only known solution is through Lily’s music. Features original moments and beautiful performances by its young stars, and a stellar use of digital photography (anyone who thought DeBussy’s “Clair De Lune” has been done to death in a movie? Think again.)
    #5. Solaris
    (USA, d. Steven Soderbergh, 2.39:1, 98 min.)
    Although I have not seen the Andrei Tarkovsky original, Steven Soderbergh's adaptation of the Russian 1972 science fiction film feels awfully European, in the way that the story unfolds silently, the visual effects are hardly seen, and all the supposed "Boo" moments of modern American cinema are replaced with quiet reveals. This is a truly haunting piece of American cinema from Soderbergh, and certainly not your typical American film from a major studio, more keen on showing the audience moronic typicality than actually being a bit daring.
    #6. Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi)
    (Japan, d. Hayao Miyazaki, 1.85:1, 124 min.)
    What else can be said about Hayao Miyazaki that I haven't said, boasted and argued about this year? Quite possibly the world’s greatest living animator, Miyazaki creates beautiful, original worlds with all of the films he dabs his animator pen at, and "Spirited Away" is certainly no exception. It's a brave film about a brave girl named Chihiro who stumbles across a world full of spirits and amazing people, and tries to make it on her own. Like other Miyazaki films, not only are we treated to vast, amazing visuals (oh, I could go on forever about the complexity of the spirit village, the furnace room with its small balls of dust hard at work, or Chihiro’s temporary invisibility), we can’t wait for the next one to come around the corner. Every last frame is breathtaking, even the ones that portray ugliness.
    #7. Irreversible
    (France, d. Gaspar Noe, 2.39:1, 98 min.)
    How "Songs From The Second Floor" was unique in its static camera shots, Gaspar Noe has made a 95 minute film with roughly only a dozen shots, all unbroken events that depict a brutal nightmare in reverse. A somewhat similar idea to "Memento," Noe has elected to tell the story completely backwards, with a man searching for someone that has done something to his girlfriend, and each scene that unfolds directly after the other reveals a brutal attack, a rape, the party that led to it, the conversations that led to the party, and finally a moment of sweetness. Noe's camerawork never stops, wildly flying around the scene where necessary (there are a few instances where his anamorphic lens tends to go out of focus slightly), finally coming up to an ending that is truly original and out-there. (note: this film has been released into a few select theatres in Canada in September, hence its inclusion on my list. It will be eligible for US in 2003.)
    #8. The Search for John Gissing
    (United Kingdom, d. Mike Binder, 1.85:1, 92 min.)
    The funniest movie of the year that no one saw. Scratch that. This was a film that very few could see, as it was locked onto film festivals and never saw the distribution light. Yet I decided to include this film anyway for those of you who thought that "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was this year's funniest film. It isn't. From Mike Binder (the creator of the hit HBO series "The Mind of the Married Man"), this sublime office-politic comedy about a man (Binder) who is sent to England to replace an office worker (Alan Rickman) is the kind of intelligent slapstick that we don't see anymore. It's old-fashioned Blake Edwards, mixed in with a bit of old-fashioned Billy Wilder, with an astounding performance by Mike Binder that recalls some of the neurosis of Woody Allen.
    #9. The Pianist
    (Poland, d. Roman Polanski, 1.85:1, 148 min.)
    Few movies have truly moved me this year. Then along comes the emotional powerhouse known as “The Pianist” (not to be confused with this year’s “The Piano Teacher”) about a Jewish man trying to survive the holocaust. What makes this film stand out is Adrian Brody’s outstanding performance as Szpilman, a man trying to cope with losing his family and his ability to perform; jumping from bombed building to closets that caretakers provide for him, surviving on whatever little food and water he can muster. One of Polanski's finest films in quite some time.
    #10. Monsoon Wedding
    (India, d. Mira Nair, 1.85:1, 114 min.)
    Again, forget the Greek wedding. This is the REAL wedding of 2002, a wonderful character study with heavy does of realism, but also it's a story with heart and character. Mira Nair's "Monsoon Wedding," which details all the people involved with an arranged marriage -- right from the technology-ignorant father right down to the perky male wedding planner who has yet to get married himself -- feels all too real, showing its customs and heritage while opening up new ones. And for such a low budget (most of the film was shot with hand-held super light 35mm cameras), it is a joy to look at.
    Special Jury Award: Selections #11 and #12
    #11. Adaptation (USA, d. Spike Jonze)
    A wildly original study of writer's block, Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman deserve some form of medal for marrying an adaption of Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief" and Charlie Kaufman's troubles with adapting said source material. It's an odd and rewarding look into the head of a writer.
    #12. Roger Dodger (USA, d. Dylan Kidd)
    Thirteen Runner-Ups: (COMMENTS COMING SOON)
    Bowling For Columbine
    Changing Lanes
    Femme Fatale
    Lilo & Stitch
    Minority Report
    Talk To Her (Hable Con Ella)
    25th Hour
    24 Hour Party People
    Thirteen Conversaions About One Thing
    Time Out
    What Time Is It There?
    Assorted musings and favourites:
    Hey, how could you forget:
    - Far From Heaven – While I think most of “Far From Heaven” is spectacular – there are terrific performances by all three leads, there are quiet scenes of power between Moore and Haysbert as forbidden lovers, and it looks and feels like a brutally controversial late 50’s film – director Todd Haynes still distances the viewer from the material. It’s awfully uninvolving at times, both emotionally and from an aesthetic point of view, and the staging of particular “shocking” scenes are rather goofy.
    - Gangs of New York – I can’t fault Scorcese for his ambition to tell a story he’s wanted to for years, and yet it runs out of steam at about the halfway point, causing a major disconnect with the viewer. I still enjoyed the movie overall; Scorcese makes up for the film’s flaws with some rousing set pieces and an award-worthy performance by Daniel Day Lewis.
    - Spider-Man – Forget how much money it made. Who knew that Sam Raimi would have made the first joyless summer movie of 2002? Spider-Man is a near-failure in every department, casting obvious-looking sets and mediocre effects work in a drab storyline. Sure, Tobey Maguire is good in his out-of-suit scenes, but that’s about it, really.
    - The Ring – Many found this film to be scary, I sure didn’t. While shot very well and with great atmosphere, “The Ring” is awfully patience-trying at times, there’s too much foreshadowing, and the film keeps appearing to end even after we think it already has. It also doesn’t show much intelligence in its characters, especially when a character walks in on a dead person and can clearly be seen extinct, yet it takes this person over a minute to walk up to the body and realize it’s dead.
    - Y Tu Mama Tambien – Oh, I liked this movie very very much. But I don’t believe it’s the year’s best foreign film as everyone is touting (I only know of a few critics who have seen “Songs from the Second Floor” or “All About Lily Chou-Chou”, and both are vastly superior), and It’s just that the film wanders too much at times, and then tends to beat its symbolism over your head.
    Most overrated film of 2002: My Big Fat Greek Wedding – I’m sure you saw it too. In fact, I saw it twice, and the film grew on me...but not in a good way. This film made millions every week, yet I fail to find anyone who can convince me that the acting, writing and direction were any good. The film pretty much failed on every attempt to even entertain; the film’s vapid direction, stereotypical ignorance and lazy, goofy performances sure didn’t do anything to help, either. Is this the ingredient for a successful comedy these days, a pedestrian idea and execution?
    Good films that should have gotten a better chance: Femme Fatale, Knockaround Guys, Frailty, Moonlight Mile – All good films (and YES, I enjoyed “Knockaround Guys”…a smart, taut thriller with interesting characters who thought and communicated their problems, even though it kind of boils down a final shootout, it is all compelling nevertheless), and all did not fare well at the box office. All are deserving of better respect and fans, hopefully on DVD.
    Best use of a song in a film: Brian Eno’s “By This River” in "The Son’s Room" -- Although this film did premiere in a few theatres in late 2001, I didn’t get a chance to see it until roughly March in Victoria (it also played one show at the Victoria Film Festival). No use of a song this year was more perfectly used than in Nanni Moretti’s haunting story of a loss dividing a family, and it was even used twice! “By This River” also showed up in “Y Tu Mama Tambien”.
    The Fast and the Furious Award for Guilty Pleasure Of The Year: Resident Evil – There’s something cheekily wonderful about this movie. Movies based on video games never work very well, yet by combining zombie movie ethics, hyper-kinetic editing, hard rock music and a group of goofy performances, this B-movie works to its own advantage. Director Paul Anderson doesn’t apologize for simply wanting to ROCK the audience, and have fun while it lasts. This year’s award winner also features Michelle Rodrieguz, winner of last year’s award. I’m sure next year, the winner will also feature Rodrieguz in a bad horror film that wouldn’t let me stop laughing.
    And now…the worst films of 2002:
    #1: Crossroads By far, the year of 2002 saw its worst 90 minutes in Tamra Davis' inexcusable disaster that parades Britney Spears' breasts around in a story so poorly written that if anything came across as original, it was an accident.
    #2. The rest of the teen films: Eight Crazy Nights, Stealing Harvard, Swimfan, The Master Of Disguise, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, The Rules of Attraction, Slackers, Slap Her She's French, Sorority Boys, New Best Friend, The New Guy, Bend it Like Beckham, The Hot Chick: – These films pretty much describe themselves.
    #3. Half Past Dead -- To think that hundreds of student films are made every year and yet this one gets a wide North American release. One of the ugliest pieces of action nonsense ever made; this film was shot overseas at some backlot in Germany to take place of...."New Alcatraz"???? Steven Seagal, bigger-boned than ever -- the film's editing hides this, with bad closeups and quick editing. There's not one instance that his double chin is visible for more than two seconds -- is paired with a bunch of rappers (so, therefore, a hot new soundtrack can be released) to take back some dudes who are trying to steal from New Alcatraz. If you've read this far, I guess I should add the editing from an R to a PG-13 is so funny that it deserves some kind of an award. "Come here mother !!!!!"
    #4. Pinocchio - "I am not a tuna!"
    #5. Men In Black II – I was never a fan of the original “Men in Black”, which was too overly stylish, unfunny, and too smarmy for it’s own good. This so-called sequel features actors who look embarrassed simply to be spouting off lines from the bad screenplay, but are probably still spending their paycheques as we speak.
    #6. The Four Feathers A vapid, arid mess of flashy costumes, overbearing storytelling, goofy acting and painful dialogue that will make your brain leave the theater thirty minutes in, even if your body has joined it or not. Robert Richardson's photography is one thing (in fact, it's very good), but it's another thing to throw an audience into a tiring story with no emotional strength. But if you liked "All the Pretty Horses", this one will be right up your alley.
    #7. Austin Powers in Goldmember – There’s nary a laugh or a grimace anywhere to be found in “Goldmember”. Is this what audiences are expecting these days, a “Saturday Night Live”-themed film where jokes are repeated from previous attempts and repeated for a long period of time, even if the actors themselves don’t think it’s funny?
    #8. Vulgar If Kevin Smith can shoot a nice-looking indie for $27,000, then why not let one of his buddies shoot a 16mm feature completely out of frame, about a group of clown rapists who have their way with whiny Brian O'Hallorahn of "Clerks" fame?
    #9. Jason X The first movie I ever walked out of. I still don't know if evil Jason got to kill everyone. I'm sure the girl with the big boobs, or the girl with the big boobs, or the girl with the big boobs was the one to die first.
    #10. Rollerball Sorry, I'm deaf. Be right back. Listen for the "BOING"!
    And finally….the ten best films (and one miniseries) that I saw for the first time this year:
    01.Tokyo Olympiad - It comes as no surprise that the Emperor of Japan rejected it, or that the film was cut down to 93 minutes and dubbed into english for it's american release. Legendary director Kon Ichikawa was not going for a simple show-and-tell version of the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Instead, he utilized dozens of widescreen cameras to truly get inside the soul of the athlete. Using various filmmaking techniques, Tokyo Olympiad is a human story about the competition of the athlete, right from a haunting segment about an athlete who is from a small country and doesn't win, right to the most amazing sequence I've ever seen on film, the final cross-country dash, following a single man, yards and yards ahead of his competition, as he wins the gold medal. What's fascinating is how we, the audience, feel like a spectator into the soul of these athletes. Ichikawa and his staff of camera operators could not direct these athletes, but he gets us close enough to watch their body language, and even at the same time presenting a gorgeous coverage of what happened in Olympics that year.
    02.The 400 Blows - French New Wave this, French New Wave that, just give me a good movie. And thankfully, Francois' Truffaut's "Le Quatre Cente Coups" is so bold and fascinating that we can't take our eyes off of it, even if it's just a simple story of a boy who thinks he is much older than he actually is, yet is told with such visual flair and thoughtfulness that I can understand how this and future French directors supported the exciting visions of many filmmakers today.
    03.Band of Brothers
    04.My Neighbor Totoro
    05.Saturday Night Fever
    06.Kiki’s Delivery Service
    07.Blue Velvet
    08.Abre Les Ojos (Open Your Eyes)
    10.George Washington
    Top 5's from the past five years:
    01. Mulholland Drive
    02. Donnie Darko
    03. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    04. Amelie
    05. The Princess and the Warrior
    01. Requiem For A Dream
    02. Dancer In The Dark
    03. Maelstrom
    04. George Washington
    05. Audition
    01. Magnolia
    02. Eyes Wide Shut
    03. The War Zone
    04. Princess Mononoke
    05. Fight Club
    01. Pleasantville
    02. The Thin Red Line
    03. Happiness
    04. Saving Private Ryan
    05. Dark City
    01. Boogie Nights
    02. Jackie Brown
    03. In The Company Of Men
    04. The Sweet Hereafter
    05. LA Confidental
    HTF 2002 Film Award Nominations:

    -Best Director:
    Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Paul Thomas Anderson, Punch-Drunk Love
    Roman Polanski, The Pianist
    Michael Winterbottom, 24 Hour Party People
    Spike Jonze, Adaptation.
    -Best Actor
    Steve Coogan, 24 Hour Party People
    Daniel Day Lewis, Gangs of New York
    Campbell Scott, Roger Dodger
    Nicolas Cage, Adaptation.
    Adrien Brody, The Pianist
    Honorable Mention: Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love, James Nesbitt in Bloody Sunday, and Edward Norton in 25th Hour
    -Best Actress
    Cate Blanchett, Heaven
    Julianne Moore, Far From Heaven
    Martina Gedeck, Mostly Martha
    Michelle Williams, Me Without You
    Susan Sarandon, Moonlight Mile
    Honorable Mention: Jennifer Westfeldt, Kissing Jessica Stein
    -Best Supporting Actor
    Alan Arkin, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
    Chris Cooper, Adaptation
    Christopher Walken, Catch Me If You Can
    Jesse Eisenberg, Roger Dodger
    Sydney Pollack, Changing Lanes
    -Best Supporting Actress
    Meryl Streep, Adaptation
    Emily Mortimer, Lovely and Amazing
    Clea Duvall, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
    Tovah Feldshuh, Kissing Jessica Stein
    Brenda Blethyn, Lovely and Amazing
    -Best Breakthrough Performance
    Maggie Gyllenhaal, Secretary
    Andy Serkis, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Nicolas Hoult, About A Boy
    -Best Animated Feature
    Spirited Away
    Lilo and Stitch
    -Best Art Direction
    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Minority Report
    Gangs Of New York
    -Best Costume Design
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
    The Hours
    Gangs Of New York
    -Best Cinematography
    Songs From The Second Floor
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Minority Report
    Punch-Drunk Love
    Honorable Mentions: Far From Heaven, Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams and Heaven
    -Best Documentary
    Standing in the Shadows of Motown
    Bowling For Columbine
    Dogtown and Z-Boys
    -Best Editing
    Punch-Drunk Love
    Minority Report
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
    The Hours
    -Best Foreign Language Film
    Songs From The Second Floor (Sweden)
    All About Lily Chou Chou (Japan)
    Talk To Her (Spain)
    Time Out (France)
    What Time Is It There? (Taiwan)
    -Best Makeup
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    -Best Music Score
    Talk To Her
    Punch-Drunk Love
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    The Bourne Identity
    -Best Screenplay, Original
    Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
    Roger Dodger
    Punch-Drunk Love
    Changing Lanes
    24 Hour Party People
    -Best Screenplay, Adapted
    The Pianist
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    -Best Song
    Gollum's Song, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Lose Yourself, 8 Mile
    The Hands that Built America, Gangs of New York
    Something to Talk About, About A Boy
    Forgiven, Lovely and Amazing
    -Best Sound
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Punch-Drunk Love
    Minority Report
    The Bourne Identity
    -Best Sound Effects Editing
    Minority Report
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Punch-Drunk Love
    -Best Visual Effects
    Minority Report
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams
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    Temporary Lists (Until I get the graphics done...)
    TOP TEN OF 2002
    01. All About Lily Chou-Chou (Japan, d. Shunji Iwai)
    02. Punch-Drunk Love (United States, d. Paul Thomas Anderson)
    03. Devils on the Doorstep (China, d. Jiang Wen)
    04. Femme Fatale (France, d. Brian De Palma)
    05. Spirited Away (Japan, d. Hayao Miyazaki)
    06. The Pianist (Poland, d. Roman Polanski)
    07. Adaptation (United States, d. Spike Jonze)
    08. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (United States, d. Peter Jackson)
    09. What Time Is It There? (Taiwan, d. Tsai Ming-liang)
    10. Roger Dodger (United States, d. Dylan Kidd)
    Runners Up: Solaris, Monsoon Wedding, Minority Report, The Rules of Attraction, Trouble Every Day, No Such Thing, Late Marriage.
    01. The Master of Disguise (United States, d. Perry Andelin Blake)
    02. Enough (United States, d. Michael Apted)
    03. The Sweetest Thing (United States, d. Roger Kumble)
    04. Crossroads (United States, d. Tamra Davis)
    05. Vulgar (United States, d. Bryan Johnson)
    Runners Up: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Queen of the Damned, Seom, FearDotCom, Men in Black II, Mr. Deeds.
    01. Tokyo Story (Japan, d. Yasujiro Ozu - 1953)
    02. Band of Outsiders (France, d. Jean-Luc Godard - 1964)
    03. Cyclo (Vietnam, d. Tran Anh Hung - 1995)
    04. My Life to Live (France, d. Jean-Luc Godard - 1962)
    05. Au hasard, Balthazar (France, d. Robert Bresson - 1966)
    06. McCabe and Mrs. Miller (United States, d. Robert Altman - 1971)
    07. Raging Bull (United States, d. Martin Scorsese - 1980)
    08. Throne of Blood (Japan, d. Akira Kurosawa - 1957)
    09. Dead Man (United States, d. Jim Jarmusch - 1995)
    10. Solaris (Soviet Union, d. Andrei Tarkovsky - 1972)
  4. Bill Harris

    Bill Harris Stunt Coordinator

    Apr 1, 2001
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    The Mighty 2002 Top 10 Best and Worst List
    Only a few films to go , so this list should be pretty much final. Currently at 302 films seen for the year
    Top 10 of the Year
    (1) Chicago
    (2) The Pianist
    (3) Solaris
    (4) Bowling For Columbine
    (5) All About Lily Chou Chou
    (6) The Lord of The Rings : The Two Towers
    (7) Punch-Drunk Love
    (8) Moonlight Mile
    (9) 13 Conversations About One Thing
    (10) Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    The 10 Worst Films of the Year
    (1) Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights
    (2) Master of Disguise
    (3) Pinocchio
    (4) Half Past Dead
    (5) Crossroads
    (6) Jason X
    (7) The Hot Chick
    (8) The New Guy
    (9) Stealing Harvard
    (10) National Lampoon's Van Wilder
    and...HTF Awards Yo
    Best Director
    (1) Peter Jackson - The Two Towers
    (2) Roman Polanski - The Pianist
    (3) Paul Thomas Anderson - Punch-Drunk Love
    Best Actor
    (1) Daniel Day Lewis - Gangs of New York
    (2) Steve Coogan - 24 Hour Party People
    (3) Ralph Fiennes - Spider
    Best Actress
    (1) Cate Blanchete - Heaven
    (2) Maggie Gyllenhaal - Secretary
    (3) Renee Zellweger - Chicago
    Best Supporting Actor
    (1) Nicky Katt - Full Frontal
    (2) Philip Seymour Hoffman - Punch-Drunk Love
    (3) Barry Pepper - 25th Hour
    Best Supporting Actress
    (1) Natascha McElhone - Solaris
    (2) Samantha Morton - Minority Report
    (3) Clea Duvall - 13 Conversations About One Thing
    Best Breakthrough Performance
    (1) Adam Sandler - Punch-Drunk Love
    (2) Ryan Gosling - The Believer
    (3) Sam Rockwell - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Best Animated
    (1) Spirited Away
    (2) Lilo and Stitch
    (3) Escaflowne
    Best Art Direction
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Minority Report
    (3) Gangs of New York
    Best Costume Design
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Gangs of New York
    (3) Chicago
    Best Cinematography
    (1) Road to Perdition
    (2) The Two Towers
    (3) Minority Report
    Best Editing
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Chicago
    (3) Irreversible
    Best Foreign Film
    (1) City of God
    (2) All About Lily Chou Chou
    (3) Sex and Lucia
    Best Makeup
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Chicago
    (3) Resident Evil [​IMG]
    Best Music Score
    (1) Punch-Drunk Love
    (2) Solaris
    (3) The Two Towers
    Best Screenplay Original
    (1) Punch-Drunk Love
    (2) 13 Conversations About One Thing
    (3) Moonlight Mile
    Best Screenplay Adapted
    (1) The Pianist
    (2) Chicago
    (3) Roger Dodger
    Best Song
    (1) 8 Mile - Eminem
    (2) The Hands That Built America - U2
    (3) Gollum's Song - The Two Towers
    Best Sound
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Minority Report
    (3) Attack of The Clones
    Best Sound Effects Editing
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Chicago
    (3) Punch-Drunk Love
    Best Visual Effects
    (1) The Two Towers
    (2) Attack of The Clones
    (3) Minority Report
  5. Matthew Chmiel

    Matthew Chmiel Cinematographer

    Apr 26, 2000
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    THE TOP FILMS OF 2002 (AS OF 01/01/03)
    1. Bowling for Columbine
    2. Punch-Drunk Love
    3. Heaven
    4. Solaris
    5. Minority Report
    6. Metropolis
    7. Maelström
    8. Catch Me If You Can
    9. The Pianist
    10. 13 Conversations About One Thing
    11. Brotherhood of the Wolf
    12. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    13. Dogtown and Z-Boys
    14. About a Boy
    15. Jackass: The Movie
    16. Panic Room
    17. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    18. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    19. The Salton Sea
    20. Spider-man

    1. Master of Disguise, The
    The worst film of 2002, if not one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life. Hands down, anybody who enjoyed the film deserves to be hit over the head with a hammer. This movie is not funny nor interesting nor entertaining. The only people who would enjoy this movie are children under the age of ten or people with double digit IQs. It's too bad as Dana Carvey used to be funny once.
    2. Scooby Doo
    My childhood was raped for a solid 90 minutes while watching this film. Sadly, there wasn't anything redeeming about this film other than Matthew Lillard's fantastic Shaggy impression. How this made over one-hundred million is beyond me.
    3. Resident Evil
    Wow, Paul Anderson makes another awful film! Who would've thought after Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, and Solider? It's too bad George A. Romero got canned from directing this film as he would've made it watchable. The only decent thing about Resident Evil was Milla getting naked (and we all know that is NOT a bad thing).
    4. Crossroads
    It's nice to see Britney Spears can't act. It's too bad that she's also a tease and if she got naked, I might've not thought about killing myself in the theater. And can anybody answer me this: why the hell was Dan Aykroyd in this movie?
    5. Mothman Prophecies, The
    Is it scary? No. Is it interesting? No. Is it entertaining? No. Do I dislike Richard Gere even more after this movie? Yes.
    6. Blue Crush
    Babes in bikinis along with great cinematography is always good. It's too bad the film had awful script and direction, but what do you expect from the man who was starred in the cinema classic that is My Science Project?
    7. Impostor
    This movie should've stayed as a 45 minute short and not a 96 minute feature film. What the hell was Dimension thinking?
    8. Rollerball
    I liked it the first time when it was a 1975 movie starring James Caan. BOOOOOOOOING! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOING!
    9. Halloween: Resurrection
    We already knew the franchise couldn't get any better after that piece of crap known as H20, so was anybody actually expecting this one to be good? And what the hell was up with releasing this film in the summer and not at Halloween?
    10. Slackers
    I was looking forward to this movie. It had the sexy Laura Prepon and James King along with Older Pete from The Adventures of Pete and Pete. What could honestly go wrong? Can we say a singing penis and old lady boobies?
    11. John Q
    12. Stealing Harvard
    13. Men In Black II
    14. Mr. Deeds
    15. Like Mike
    16. Decues Wild
    17. Human Nature
    18. Eight Legged Freaks
    19. Sorority Boys

    1. National Lampoon's Van Wilder
    Before I start this off, I would like to say that I'm a straight teenage male... but after watching National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Ryan Reynolds and Walt Becker are two of my new gods. National Lampoon's Van Wilder is one of those few films that I'm the only one to like while everybody else hates it. Sure, it's a stupid little gross-out comedy, but I enjoyed it. Maybe I have a greater appreciation for it since I saw it in a crowded theater the week before it came out. But that night I laughed at images involving dog semen, human feces, and projectile vomit that I thought I would never laugh at in my whole entire life... and I loved every minute that I saw. I'm proud to say that I own the DVD and have watched it many times since it's release.
    2. Big Trouble
    It's a shame that Big Trouble made under $10 million at the box office while Barry Sonnenfeld's other 2002 film made hundreds of million while being a complete piece of crap (Men In Black II). Based on Dave Barry's hit book by the same name, Big Trouble follows the two-hundred plus page book in a matter of eighty minutes and it works. The film not only has some great performances by everybody involved, but it is also one of the funniest films of 2002.
    3. Undercover Brother
    Undercover Brother is one of those few films that gets positive reviews by critics and audiences alike, but somehow fails at the box office. Too bad as it was funnier than the other 2002 summer spy spoof (Austin Powers In Goldmember). One of the reason the film is great is that it never insults the audience's intelligence which leads to some fantastic gags, unlike Austin Powers In Goldmember which has a dick and fart joke every five seconds. Hopefully it'll find it's place when it's released to video and when the sequel comes out in the future.
    4. S1M0NE
    Just like Gattaca many years before, Andrew Niccol creates another film that went under everybody's radar. The film has it's flaws (the ending could've been much darker), but it's one hell of a movie.
    5. Super Troopers
    One of the few R-Rated comedies in years that might actually become a cult classic in a few years. I saw it opening weekend with my current best friend and we were in tears for the whole one-hundred minute running time. I can't wait for Broken Lizard's next film.
    6. Orange County
    The smartest teen film in a while, mostly due to the fact who was involved in the creation of the film (basically Jake Kasdan and Mike White).
    7. xXx
    Two words: guilty pleasure. Sure it made over one-hundred million in it's theatrical run, but most people think it's a stupid action film with no plot. Basically just style over substance. Like Fast and the Furious, Rob Cohen makes another action film that simply "rules."
    8. Buying the Cow
    An average romance comedy (directed by Walt Becker) that ended up going straight to television this year, but Ryan Reynolds steals the show in this one. While most of the actors in the film are just sleepwalking through it, Reynolds gives his best and you can't help to laugh.
    To be updated soon...
  6. Kevin Leonard

    Kevin Leonard Supporting Actor

    Mar 11, 2001
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    The Tentative Tens of Two Thousand and TwoThe BestThe Worst
    1. Gangs of New YorkSpirited AwayPunch Drunk LoveChicagoBlade 2One Hour PhotoThe Pianist13 Conversations About One ThingMetropolisAbout A Boy
    1. Resident EvilSlackersKung Pow: Enter the FistStealing HarvardRed DragonRollerballSnow DogsMen In Black IIDeath to SmoochyChelsea Walls
    Ten Gems of 2002 (Writeups to follow) AutofocusBig TroubleDog SoldiersJim Brown: All AmericanMaxReal Women Have CurvesScratchMore toComeSoon!
    Other features and writeups to follow.
    HTF Award Nominations:
    Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York
    Peter Jackson, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away
    Spike Jonze, Adaptation
    Jill Sprecher, 13 Conversations About One Thing
    Daniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New York
    Adrian Brody, The Pianist
    Jack Nicholson, About Schmidt
    Hugh Grant, About a Boy
    Sam Rockwell, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Edie Falco, Sunshine State
    Diane Lane, Unfaithful
    Meryl Streep, Adaptation
    Nicole Kidman, The Hours
    Goldie Hawn, The Banger Sisters
    Andy Serkis, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Noah Taylor, Max
    Brendan Fraser, The Quiet American
    Matthew McConaughey, 13 Conversations About One Thing
    Jude Law, The Road to Perdition
    Emily Mortimer, Lovely and Amazing
    Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    Wanda De Jesus, Blood Work
    Hope Davis, About Schmidt
    Kirsten Dunst, The Cat's Meow
    Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation
    Frank Cotrell Boyce, 24-Hour Party People
    Paul Thomas Anderson, Punch-Drunk Love
    Jill and Karen Sprecher, 13 Conversations About One Thing
    Nicole Holofcener, Lovely and Amazing
    Frances Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Stephen Sinclair and Peter Jackson, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Chris and Paul Weitz, About a Boy
    Charlie Kaufman, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Michael Gerbosi, Autofocus
    Tony Gilroy and William Blade Herron, The Bourne Identity
    Diane Baratier, The Lady and the Duke
    Conrad L. Hall, Road to Perdition
    Andrew Lensie, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Alessio Gelsini, The Emperor's New Clothes
    Alex Nepomniaschy, Narc
    Spirited Away
    Lilo and Stitch
    Blade 2
    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    Panic Room
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Catch Me If You Can
    Blade 2
    Spirited Away
    Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
    Spirited Away
    Italian For Beginners
    Y Tu Mama Tambien
    The Son's Room
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    Blade 2
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    Gangs of New York
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    The Count of Monte Cristo
    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    More to Come Soon!
  7. Edwin Pereyra

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    2002 Eligible Films Seen: 150+
    2002 may just be the year in which the number of walkouts was quite noticeable. Secretary, Punch-Drunk Love, Solaris, The Piano Teacher and one or two titles from this year’s list, to name a few, are some of the films that had these walkouts. While they may have polarized audiences, they are not without merits as shown by some of these films’ supporters.
    2002 was also the year in which a few directors tried something different beyond their usual style, with some being more successful than others. Still, it was a very good year with most of the worthy films coming in towards the latter part of the year.
    So, without further due, here are this year's little treasures:
    10.Miguel Arteta’s THE GOOD GIRL
    9.Pedro Almodovar’s TALK TO HER
    8.Steven Spielberg’s MINORITY REPORT
    7. Aleksandr Sokurov's RUSSIAN ARK
    6. Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS
    5.Stephen Daldry's THE HOURS
    4.Roger Michell’s CHANGING LANES
    3.Roman Polanski’s THE PIANIST
    2.Rob Marshall’s CHICAGO
    1.Alfonso Cuaron’s Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN
    Beyond the Top 10:
    11. Rabbit Proof Fence
    12. 25th Hour
    13.Sunshine State
    14.Femme Fatale
    15.Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
    16.No Man’s Land (Bosnia)
    17.Standing In The Shadows Of Motown
    18.Bloody Sunday
    19. The Kid Stays In The Picture
    20. Nicholas Nickleby
    21.Antwone Fisher
    22.Bowling For Columbine
    26.Treasure Planet
    27.The Emperor’s Club
    Honorable Mention: Late Marriage (Israel), Spirited Away (Japan), Gangs Of New York, Far From Heaven, Insomnia, The Rookie, Last Orders, Roger Dodger.
  8. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone Lead Actor

    Jun 21, 2000
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    Last Updated: Feb 22
    Films Eligable: 50
    Top Ten
    1. Punch-Drunk Love
    2. Adaptation
    3. Minority Report
    4. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    5. 25th Hour
    6. Habla Con Ella (Talk To Her)
    7. Gangs of New York
    8. The Quiet American
    9. The Pianist
    10. Frailty
    Honorary Mentions
    -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    -Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
    -Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
    -One Hour Photo
    -About Scmmidt
    -The Salton Sea
    Bottom Five
    1. Vulgar
    2. Slackers
    3. Jackass
    4. Halloween Resserection
    5. Austin Powers in Goldmember
  9. John Thomas

    John Thomas Cinematographer

    Mar 23, 2000
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    1. Punch-Drunk Love
    2. Bowling For Columbine
    3. Adaptation.
    4. Spirited Away
    5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    6. Minority Report
    7. Rabbit-Proof Fence
    8. Gangs of New York
    9. Frailty
    10. Standing In The Shadows Of Motown[/list=1]
      Honorable Mentions:
      1. 11. Insomnia
        12. Catch Me If You Can
        13. Spider-Man
        14. Kissing Jessica Stein
        15. Chicago
        16. 25th Hour
        17. Changing Lanes
        18. About Schmidt
        19. Signs
        20. One Hour Photo

      Some of the worst of 2002: Bad Company, Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever, Trapped, Fear dot Com, Reign Of Fire.

      Tops from 2001:
      1. The Royal Tenenbaums
      2. Memento
      3. Amelie
      4. Mulholland Drive
      5. AI: Artificial Intelligence
      Tops from 2000::
      1. Requiem For A Dream
      2. Almost Famous
      3. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
      4. Traffic
      5. Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

      Ones I haven't seen yet that may have a possibility of getting in the top 10:: The Hours, The Pianist, City of God, The Quiet American, Talk To Her, Frida.
  10. Justin_S

    Justin_S Producer

    Mar 4, 2001
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    THE TOP 10 OF 2002
    1) Frailty
    2) Secretary
    3) Solaris
    4) The Rules of Attraction
    5) Femme Fatale
    6) One Hour Photo
    7) Below
    8) The Mothman Propecies
    9) Dagon
    BOTTOM 5 OF 2002
    1) Feardotcom
    2) XXX
    3) Half Past Dead
    4) Bad Company
    5) Impostor
    TOPS FROM 2001
    1) Mulholland Dr.
    2) Donnie Darko
    3) Memento
    4) Vanilla Sky
    5) Session 9
    TOPS FROM 2000
    1) Requiem for a Dream
    2) American Psycho
    3) Ginger Snaps
    4) Audition
    5) The Virgin Suicides
    TOPS FROM 1999
    1) The Blair Witch Project
    2) Ravenous
    3) The Green Mile
    4) Stir of Echoes
    5) Fight Club
    TOPS FROM 1998
    1) Dark City
    2) A Simple Plan
    3) Pi
    4) Cube
    5) Happiness
  11. Travis_S

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    Jan 14, 2001
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    St. Louis, Missouri
    Real Name:
    TOP 10 OF 2002

    1. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    2. Chicago
    3. About Schmidt
    4. Signs
    5. Road To Perdition
    6. Gangs of New York
    7. Solaris
    8. Minority Report
    9. Catch Me If You Can
    10. Spider-Man

    BOTTOM 5 OF 2002

    1. Scooby-Doo
    2. John Q
    3. The Time Machine
    4. Jason X
    5. Men in Black II
    __________________________________________________ __________

    Best Director -
    Best Actor -
    Best Actress -
    Best Supporting Actor -
    Best Supporting Actress -
    Best Breakthrough Performance -
    Best Animated Feature -
    Best Art Direction -
    Best Costume Design -
    Best Cinematography -
    Best Editing -
    Best Foreign Language Film -
    Best Makeup -
    Best Music Score -
    Best Original Screenplay -
    Best Adapted Screenplay -
    Best Song -
    Best Sound -
    Best Sound Effects Editing -
    Best Visual Effects -
  12. Adam_S

    Adam_S Producer

    Feb 8, 2001
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    Real Name:
    1. [*]Gangs of New York
      [*]Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away)
      [*]The Two Towers
      [*]Punch Drunk Love
      [*]Only the Strong Survive
    2. La Espinoza del Diablo (The Devil's Backbone)
    3. Signs
    4. Road to Perdition
    5. Catch Me if You Can
    6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    7. Le Pacte de Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)
    8. Attack of the Clones - Star Wars: Episode II
    these two were both dropped out of the top ten as I realized I enjoyed CMIYC better than either of them, and About Schmidt was better than both as well, BOTW esp. fell after watching it a second time on dvd, not quite as magical this time around, (though still phenomenal)
    as to kathy bates/jack nicholsen, they're in different movies, bates in a comedy and nicholsen in a drama
    -Best Director
    Martin Scorsese - Gangs of New York
    Hayao Miyazaki - Spirited Away
    Peter Jackson - The Two Towers
    Alexander Payne - About Schmidt
    M. Night Schymalan - Signs

    -Best Actor
    Daniel Day Lewis - Gangs of New York
    Tom Hanks - Road to Perdition
    Jack Nicholson - About Schmidt
    Adam Sandler - Punch Drunk Love
    Leonardo Dicaprio - Gangs of New York

    -Best Actress
    Monica Belluci - Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Cameron Diaz - Gangs of New York
    Sen/Chihiro (voice by Rumi Hiiragi) - Spirited Away
    Emma Watson - Punch Drunk Love
    Julianne Moore - Far From Heaven

    -Best Supporting Actor
    John C. Reilley - Chicago
    Joaquin Phoenix - Signs
    Jude Law - Road to Perdition
    Tom Hanks - Catch Me If you Can
    Andy Serkis - The Two Towers

    -Best Supporting Actress
    Julianne Moore - The Hours
    Abigail Breslin - Signs
    Kathy Bates - About Schmidt
    Catherine Zeta Jones - Chicago
    Meryl Streep - The Hours

    -Best Breakthrough Performance (3)
    Tyler Hoechlin - Road to Perdition
    Abigail Breslin - Signs
    Andy Serkis - The Two Towers

    -Best Animated Feature (3)

    Spirited Away
    Lilo and Stitch

    -Best Art Direction
    Gangs of New York
    Road to Perdition
    The Two Towers

    -Best Costume Design
    Gangs of New york
    Road to Perdition
    The Two Towers

    -Best Cinematography
    Road to Perdition
    Punch Drunk Love
    Gangs of New York
    Spirited Away
    Brotherhood of the Wolf

    -Best Editing
    Gangs of New York
    The Two Towers
    Punch Drunk Love
    Catch Me if You Can
    Only the Strong Survive

    -Best Foreign Film
    Spirited Away
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Mondays in the Sun

    -Best Makeup
    The Two Towers
    Gangs of New York
    Road to Perdition

    -Best Music Score
    The Two Towers
    Star Wars Episode II attack of the Clones
    Spirited Away

    -Best Screenplay, Origianl
    Punch Drunk Love
    Mondays in the Sun
    Spirited Away

    -Best Screenplay, Adapted
    The Two Towers
    Catch Me if You Can
    Gangs of New York

    -Best Song
    The hands that built America - Gangs of New York
    Gollums' Song - Two Towers
    He Needs me - Punch Drunk Love
    Mr. Cellophane - Chicago
    Jailhouse Tango - Chicago

    -Best Sound
    The Two Towers
    Punch Drunk Love
    Only the STrong Survive
    Star Wars Episode II attack of the Clones

    -Best Sound Effects Editing (3)
    The Two Towers
    Punch Drunk Love

    -Best Visual Effects
    The Two Towers
    Minority Report
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    Gangs of New York

    Gangs of New York:
    I have a feeling this film is going to get better and better with each viewing, the editing is the finest I've seen this year, Daniel Day Lewis is utterly phenomenal and Leonardo DiCaprio hands in his best preformance, there are a few tiny faults, but all in all this is a breathtaking majestic work that is the finest period piece yet realized of pre 1900 america and the civil war period in general. What makes this the number one film is its richly textured and subtle themes and messages about America, and its unswavering adherance to not shying away from the unsavory aspects of our past--it delivers a film that both questions and reaffirms our conception of America, what we fight for and why we fight, and ultimately, what is it to be an American.
    Spirited Away:
    This is a flawless film, Gangs only just edges out because I have a deep seated fondness for Civil War era. I could sing the praises of this film over and over again, I long very very badly to see it again and again, this dvd will be mine the instant it comes out, and it's incredibly tempting to go pick up the bootleg region free copy at that shop not far from my house... Spirited Away is simply breathtaking, incredible filmmaking at its absolute finest, it also happens to be animated, but don't let that decieve you, this is possibly one of the best films ever made.
    The Two Towers:
    Last year had only A.I. in front of FOTR, but this year two films are in front of TTT. This does not in any denigerate the two films of LOTR, but is a testament to the incredible amount of filmmaking going on that there are three films in two years I would consider better films (and I've been reading Tolkien since I was ten). There hasn't been a theatrical experience I've enjoyed more this year than TTT. Even seeing AOTC on the first showing with a packed house of died in the wool star wars fans doesn't come quite close. I was literally bouncing in my seat and squealing things like WARGS! OLLIEPHANTS! TREEBEARD! LOTHLORIAN ELVES!!!!! and this has possibly the most emotionally affecting moment (outside of just about anything from Spirited Away's romance) of the year in the way the 12 year old boys going to war was handled. When Theoden said, 'get every lad' a shiver went down my back, but I figured they wouldn't bother acutally SHOWING us the 'lads'--they did, and it was perfect, the shots of the kids donning adult armor, clumsily dangling a sword. And Aragorn's short scene treating them as adults and fellow soldiers--as men--and then calling the sword he cast down in disgust earlier 'a good sword', well all of this sequence is my favorite in the film--excepting Gollum. Gollum makes up for the Treebeard and Ents stuff, it's been nine years since I read the books, and the Ents were some of my favorite stuff. However I had trouble believing it as represented. Isengard happened too quickly, it wasn't set up properly, just five minutes more with this and I think all of the Treebeard stuff would have worked much better, as it is it's my least favorite parts of the movie (and dammit where are those damned cool ent draughts; not that it matters much since the scoring of the shire--THE MOST IMPORTANT part of LOTR the books--is not going to be in ROTK). Anyway Gollum is THE cinematic achievment of the year, I don't expect a more successful, well acted or believeable cgi character for another fifteen years or more. [​IMG]
    Punch Drunk Love:
    everytime I think about this movie it gets better. all the little touches are what makes this film great. Philip Seymore Hoffman is brilliant with a tiny part, every bit as good as his Lester Bangs preformance. Adam Sandler fulfills the comic promise of Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy brilliantly (I enjoy both of those movies thank you very much, HTF hasn't beaten them out of me yet!!!!). Emma Watson is gloriously beautiful to watch, and the film itself is brilliantly shot, just outstandingly wonderful cinematography, this would easily take my best of the year if it weren't for GONY.
    Only the Strong Survive:
    this is a documentary by Pennebaker and Hegedus (Down from the Mountain, monterey pop) about ten living legends of soul and r and b. They're still preforming, they sound better than ever and the music is utterly phenomenal. Not only is the musical content absolutely top notch, but the documentary aspects of the film are perhaps even better. In tiny moments and little grace extensions we get a powerful glimpse of the lives of these incredible artists and preformers, the stories they tell, the emotion in the telling and the way they tell their stories are some damn powerful filmmaking. I caught this at the AFI festival this year in LA and give it my very highest recommendation, (btw this film was number two until december (and I recently decided PDL should go above it).
    The Devil's Backbone:
    This is a damn fine ghost story, and even better filmmaking. I've watched it four times, I believe, since buying the dvd blind--each time I notice more layers of filmmaking and storytelling going on here. Deltoro is doing several things here, he's telling many classic stories and handles them all brilliantly weaving them together and around each other in a tight knit pattern that creates a beautiful tapestry of film (with a f***ing great ending). There are all sorts of allusions as well, notably Lord of the Flies, but many others as well. The children acting in this film are outstanding, and the adults equally so. there are many excellent moments of dread and suspense as well as bits of terror. the ghost effect achieved is subtle and brilliant, one of the many gradually horrifying elements of the film.
    Signs: This movie hit home for me. I know that the 'enlightened' were upset with the movie because of too much intellectual straining and disliking the religious aspects, but I don't care. Technically the film is beautifully executed with a perfect complementary score (that's enough about those elements now). What I adore about this film though is that it's good science fiction--and not hard scifi with gadgets and gizmos and whacha-call-it speak--but good character based scifi; the science fiction elements are simply a canvas, or tools the artist uses to help us understand characters, issues or themes all the better. The aliens are the least important part of the entire film, the family is the most important part. It's about how a family manages to survive a catastrophe. And most important of all (to me) is that its a story about faith, and the struggle to maintain that faith, to believe not so much that there is a plan, but that everything is not random, that there COULD be a silver lining, but maybe our perspective is just too limited or too short or too selfcentered. I find it a beautiful and astounding picture, perhaps I like it even better than Devil's Backbone, but it will take another pair or more viewings to decide that.
    Road to Perdition: comments coming
    Catch Me if You Can: comments coming
    About Schmidt: see above about comments
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: you get the picture sometime in the future
    A word or two about the tie for ten, I've seen both too recently to determine between them which I personally prefer more, I'm reasonably sure that it will be AS, but you never know.
    best theatrical experience of the year: Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm (it's an entirely different film!)
    this year's best guilty pleasure: Sweet Home Alabama
  13. Doug R

    Doug R Supporting Actor

    Oct 26, 2000
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Top 10 of 2002
    1. Brotherhood of the Wolf
    2. Solaris
    3. Punch-Drunk Love
    4. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    5. Adaptation
    6. About Schmidt
    7. Minority Report
    8. Narc
    9. Gangs of New York
    10. Road to Perdition
    Honorable Mentions: Far from Heaven, One Hour Photo, The Salton Sea, Y Tu Mama Tambien
    Possible contenders left to see: Irreversible, Heaven, 13 Conversations About One Thing, The Pianist, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, 25th Hour, Chicago, Songs from the Second Floor
    Previous Top 5s
    1. Memento
    2. Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
    3. Mulholland Drive
    4. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    5. Donnie Darko
    1. Requiem for a Dream
    2. Dancer in the Dark
    3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    4. Traffic
    5. Almost Famous
    1. Run Lola Run
    2. Magnolia
    3. Fight Club
    4. The Limey
    5. The Matrix
    1. The Thin Red Line
    2. Out of Sight
    3. Following
    4. The Celebration
    5. American History X
    1. Insomnia
    2. Boogie Nights
    3. The Sweet Hereafter
    4. Open Your Eyes
    5. L.A. Confidential
  14. Derek Miner

    Derek Miner Screenwriter

    Feb 22, 1999
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    MinerWerks' Nebulous Best of 2002
    BUMPED - Catch Me If You Can
    Returning from the land of so-so sci-fi, Spielberg once again has his humor and his heart in the right places. A fun and amusing story, given just enough weight by a poigniant dose of family politics.
    10. [​IMG]
    STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN - Not just a documentary, but a celebration. Few are aware of the great musical contributions of "The Funk Brothers," the session musicians who played on all the classic Motown records of the sixties. Watching the remaining Funk Brothers perform said classics with contemporary vocalists only serves to prove how overlooked their legacy has been.
    9. [​IMG]
    ROGER DODGER - Okay, I'm a sucker for sexual politics, and this is an interesting little dose. This film has drawn comparisons to Neil LaBute's work, but to do so is to miss the point, I think. While LaBute's misogynist characters are unrepentant and fearsome creatures, Campbell Scott's Roger is merely stubborn and misdirected. Ultimately, there's a humanity at work here in an all too rare attempt to suggest triumph over cynicism.
    8. [​IMG]
    LOVELY & AMAZING - The most deft character piece I saw this year. I am starting to wonder if Catherine Keener desires to play anything but the cold and detatched type, but at least this film provides a convincing construct to accept the attitudes and actions of the characters. The film comes close to painting men in a negative light, but not in a vindictive fashion.
    7. [​IMG]
    MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING - Yeah, I liked it, and I'm not ashamed to say so! Even though the film potrays a Greek family's idiosyncracies, there's something universal in the idea that families can be as frustrating as they are supportive. The film's flaws are far outweighed by its honest heart and soul. And it's funny!
    PANIC ROOM - Is it implausible? I suppose, but nothing of the sort crossed my mind as I sat on the edge of my seat for the entire length of this thriller. Jodie Foster displays an interesting vulnerability here that helps the viewer invest in the character and her daughter. Once they were trapped in the panic room, I was completely sucked in.
    5. [​IMG]
    KISSING JESSICA STEIN - A wonderful romantic comedy that twists up the formula in just enough ways to make it memorable. I guess there's more of that interest in sexual politics affecting my judgment here, but I think this is a story that deserved to be told.
    4. [​IMG]
    PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE - This one is definitely growing on me. While P.T. Anderson runs the risk of pushing things too far, this is still a fascinating film. I can imagine many people relating to the Adam Sandler character, yet they wouldn't think of admitting those feelings prior to seeing this film. Count me among them. Bonus points for having a featured role for Mary Lynn Rajskub!
    3. [​IMG]
    BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE - Regardless of the politics, Bowling For Columbine is a thought-provoking and entertaining filmic essay. While Michael Moore has no trouble attempting to make himself appear to be the voice of reason, yet he is remarkably restrained by leaving some questions of this film unanswered.
    2. [​IMG]
    CHICAGO - Some people absolutely hate musicals. It's movies like Chicago that can sometimes break down that prejudice. This is an impeccably staged crowd pleaser, with excellent performances all around. Perhaps the best integration of song and story I've seen in a while. Nothing deep or profound, but a hell of a show.
    1. [​IMG]
    LILO & STITCH - I had to wonder if Disney's story people have been taking lessons from the folks over at Pixar. Lilo & Stitch represents a remarkable departure from the stale Disney forumla that hasn't quite worked for the past several years. I loved the characters in this film. The relationships in this story are the most colorful I've seen in a while, and the jokes are darn funny, to boot.
    Contenders on the "to-see" list (i.e. when they &%#&@! open in my area!): 25th Hour, Adaptation, The Hours, The Pianist Off to see About Schmidt and Gangs of New York this weekend. Yay!
    MinerWerks' Pee-ew of 2002 (aka Bottom Five)
    5. John Q
    4. Hollywood Ending
    3. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course
    2. Equilibrium
    1. Friday After Next
    I think I came out pretty lucky that these were the worst films I saw all year. I know there were much worse, but I couldn't bring myself to see some of them. If someone could tell me how to get on the press list for advance screenings, then I'd be more than happy to stomach a few stinkers in 2003.
  15. Jay W

    Jay W Supporting Actor

    Oct 5, 1999
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    1. [​IMG]
    2. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
    1. Adaptation
    2. The Pianist
    3. Punch-Drunk Love
    4. The Hours
    5. Minority Report
    6. Metropolis
    7. About Schmidt
    8. Road To Perdition
    9. Solaris[/list=1]
      Film Count (2002): 73
      Ineligible For List: The Tape, The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (Extended Edition).
      Honorable Mentions: Frailty, Catch Me If You Can, Sprited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi), Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte Des Loups), Narc, Far From Heaven, One Hour Photo, Chicago
  16. Rob Willey

    Rob Willey Screenwriter

    Apr 10, 2000
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    Real Name:
    Last Updated: 01/29/03
    Criterion Used: One Week in L.A. Release
    The top ten so far (comments to follow as the list nears finality):
    1. Bowling for Columbine
    2. Spirited Away
    3. Gangs of New York
    4. The Hours
    5. The Banger Sisters
    6. 25th Hour
    7. Punch-Drunk Love
    8. 8 Mile
    9. Adaptation
    10. One Hour Photo
  17. JohnS

    JohnS Producer

    Jan 17, 2001
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    Real Name:
    John Steffens

    Updated frequently, very rough list(best of's)
    BEST OF 2002

    1. Road to Perdition
    2. Sex and Lucia
    3. Stolen Summer
    4. Metropolis
    5. Punch Drunk Love
    6. 13 Conversations About One Thing
    7. Y Tu Mama Tambein
    8. Nine Queens
    9. Kissing Jessica Stein
    10. Lilo & Stitch
    2. National Lampoon's Van Wilder
    3. Smokers
    4. Harvard Man
    5. Crossroads
    6. Strange Hearts (Debuted at Cinevegas Film Festival, then went directly to Showtime this year)
    7. Jason X
    8. Sweetest Thing
    9. Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever
    10. Kung Pow! Enter the Fist
    13 Conversations About One Thing
    Nine Queens
    Sunshine State
    Borune Idenity
    BEST OF THE "FIRST TIMERS" FINAL LIST NOTE: This list was very hard to put in "best of" order.
    1. Spanish Prisoner (1998)
    2. Heavenly Creatures (1994)
    3. GlenGarry Glenross (1992)
    4. Pulp Fiction (1994)
    5. October Sky (1999)
    6. Third Man, The (1949)
    7. Deterrence (1999)
    8. Blood Simple (1984)
    9. Evil Dead (1982) & Evil Dead 2 (1987)
    10. Beauty & the Beast (1991)
    A LOOK AHEAD TO 2003
    These are films that I saw at the Las Vegas film festival that have been given a "green light" to 2003.
    1. Spun-UNCUT
    I saw this gem of a film UNCUT, which we were told by the director, that theater audiences may never see this much, unless the DVD comes fully uncut.
    Watch out for this movie, and be taken for a ride.
    2. No News From God
    3. Face Bertha Bay-Sa Pan deserves a nomination for directing next year
    4. Bubba Ho-Tep
    From the Director of "Beastmaster"
    A simple movie, yet outrageously funny
    Bruce Campbell's funniest performance since Evil Dead Films. This movie will definitely have "cult" status.
  18. Doug D

    Doug D Stunt Coordinator

    May 14, 1999
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    preliminary results (rev. 1/26/03):

    3. 25TH HOUR
    5. LATE MARRIAGE (out on Seville DVD [Canada] now)
    6. THE FAST RUNNER (also out on Seville DVD now)
    7. LILO & STITCH
    8. HEAVEN
    10. TIME OUT (also out on Seville DVD now)

    *I should note that 1-4 could be in almost any order whatsoever.

    Others that are hot on their heels, and might wind up percolating upward:

    Ten really solid films worth noting that don't hit that level of "top x" greatness for me but that I have no major complaints with and generally approve of: KISSING JESSICA STEIN, 13 CONVERSATIONS ABOUT ONE THING, SCRATCH, SECRETARY, ABOUT A BOY, THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE, PANIC ROOM, ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS, LEFT SIDE OF THE FRIDGE, UNDERCOVER BROTHER

    Sixteen flawed or otherwise problematic films that were still worthwhile to varying degrees: ABOUT SCHMIDT, FAR FROM HEAVEN, SPIRITED AWAY, SOLARIS, ROGER DODGER, HOME MOVIE, SEX AND LUCIA, SECRET BALLOT, IGBY GOES DOWN, NARC, BELOW, CQ, SIGNS, 8 MILE, THE RING, THE PIANIST


    Four great performances in otherwise very disappointing films: Paul Newman in THE ROAD TO PERDITION, Robin Williams in ONE HOUR PHOTO, Nicky Katt in FULL FRONTAL and Edie Falco in SUNSHINE STATE

    Two that would be in my top ten if I were going by new movies I saw this calendar year instead of by Academy rules: GERRY (saw at film festival, but being released in 2003) and LANTANA (technically a 2001 release that took forever to come out). I'm pretty sure THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, mentioned elsewhere, is also tech. a 2001 release, thought it would have made my second ten list, probably, as would NO MAN'S LAND and maybe ABERDEEN.


    I'm the only person who didn't see: MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING


    Biggest disappointment of the year: CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND and NAQOYQATSI (tie)

    Six Worst (In No Order):
  19. MichaelPe

    MichaelPe Screenwriter

    Feb 22, 1999
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    MY TOP 40 OF 2002

    RankTitle1.Heaven *2.The Pianist *3.Irréversible (Irreversible)4.The Grey Zone5.Minority Report6.The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers7.The Hours8.Ararat9.Lucía y el sexo (Sex And Lucia)10.Hable con ella (Talk To Her)11.Riri Shushu no subete (All About Lily Chou-Chou)12.Sånger från andra våningen (Songs from the Second Floor)13.Chicago14.Far From Heaven15.Road To Perdition16.Punch-Drunk Love17.Cidade de Deus (City of God) *18.Narc19.The Believer *20.Gangs of New York21.Insomnia22.Solaris23.Moonlight Mile24.Adaptation.25.L'Ultimo bacio (The Last Kiss)26.Bowling for Columbine27.Signs *28.25th Hour29.About Schmidt30.Devdas31.La Turbulence des fluides (Chaos and Desire)32.Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones *33.El Hijo de la novia (Son of the Bride) *34.Il Più bel giorno della mia vita (The Best Day of My Life)35.Confessions of a Dangerous Mind36.Bloody Sunday37.Trembling Before G-d38.I Am Dina39.Monsoon Wedding40.Russkij kovcheg (The Russian Ark)
    MY BOTTOM 10 OF 2002
    1. Avenging Angelo
    2. Analyze That
    3. Vidocq
    4. The Powerpuff Girls Movie
    5. The Scorpion King
    6. The Truth About Charlie
    7. Slackers
    8. The Sweetest Thing
    9. Swept Away
    10. Swimfan


    Best Director:Tom Tykwer, HeavenPeter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersRoman Polanski, The PianistGaspar Noé, Irréversible (Irreversible)Atom Egoyan, AraratHonorable mention:Aleksandr Sokurov, Russkij kovcheg (The Russian Ark)Best Actor:Adrien Brody, The PianistDaniel Day-Lewis, Gangs of New YorkNicolas Cage, AdaptationTimothy Spall, All or NothingJavier Cámara, Hable con ella (Talk to Her)Best Actress:Julianne Moore, Far From HeavenNicole Kidman, The HoursCate Blanchett, HeavenIsabelle Huppert, La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher)Renée Zellweger, ChicagoBest Supporting Actor:Ed Harris, The HoursChris Cooper, AdaptationRay Liotta, NarcDennis Quaid, Far From HeavenJohn C. Reilly, ChicagoBest Supporting Actress:Meryl Streep, AdaptationCatherine Zeta-Jones, ChicagoJulianne Moore, The HoursMichelle Pfeiffer, White OleanderToni Collette, About A BoyBest Breakthrough Performance:Ryan Gosling, The BelieverMaggie Gyllenhaal, SecretaryDerek Luke, Antwone FisherBest Animated Feature:Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away)Ice AgeSpirit: Stallion of the CimarronBest Art Direction:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersFar From HeavenDevdasChicagoRoad to PerditionBest Costume Design:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersDevdasChicagoGangs of New YorkThe PianistBest Cinematography:HeavenRoad to PerditionRusskij kovcheg (The Russian Ark)Irréversible (Irreversible)I Am DinaBest Documentary:Bowling For ColumbineTrembling Before G-dÊtre et avoir (To Be and to Have)Standing in the Shadows of MotownThe Kid Stays in the PictureBest Editing:Cidade de Deus (City of G-d)The HoursIrréversibleLucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia)AraratBest Foreign Language Film:Irréversible (Irreversible)Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia)Hable con ella (Talk to Her)Cidade de Deus (City of G-d)DevdasBest Makeup:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersFridaThe HoursChicagoGangs of New YorkBest Music Score:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersThe HoursRoad to Perdition25th HourLucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucia)Best Screenplay, Original:Hable con ella (Talk to Her)Far From HeavenThirteen Conversations About One ThingAraratRoger DodgerBest Screenplay, Adapted:The HoursAdaptationHeavenThe Grey ZoneAbout SchmidtBest Song:Lose Yourself, 8 MileThe Hands That Built America, Gangs of New YorkHere I Am, Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronOnly Hope, A Walk to RememberI Move On, ChicagoBest Sound:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersSignsMinority ReportRoad to PerditionStar Wars: Episode II - Attack of the ClonesBest Sound Effects Editing:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersStar Wars: Episode II - Attack of the ClonesMinority ReportBest Visual Effects:The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersMinority ReportStar Wars: Episode II - Attack of the ClonesReign of FireHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Previous lists:

    MY TOP 20 OF 1998 (Leave mouse over image for more info)
    MY TOP 20 OF 1999
    MY TOP 20 OF 2000
    MY TOP 20 OF 2001
  20. Scott Weinberg

    Scott Weinberg Lead Actor

    Oct 3, 2000
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    As of 3/6/03, my Top Ten of 2002:
    1. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    2. Minority Report
    3. Frailty
    4. Bowling for Columbine
    5. Chicago
    6. Adaptation
    7. 25th Hour
    8. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    9. The Good Girl
    10. Spirited Away
    (Movies I consider potential Top Ten candidates that I haven't seen yet include Y Tu Mama Tambien, 13 Conversations About One Thing, Metropolis, Talk to Her, Bloody Sunday, The Kid Stays in the Picture, and a few others.)
    Right on the cusp:
    Far from Heaven
    Catch Me If You Can
    The Hours
    Nicholas Nickleby
    Road to Perdition
    The Pianist
    Buried Treasure:
    Dog Soldiers
    Kissing Jessica Stein
    Roger Dodger
    Virgil Bliss
    Real Women Have Curves
    The Salton Sea
    Bottom Feeders:
    Mr. Deeds
    The Sweetest Thing
    Men in Black 2
    Van Wilder
    Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
    Bad Company
    Snow Dogs

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