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    The Topic should say "Other options besides internal bracing" but my computer messed up sorry.
    In my other tread PE 3 cu. ft. subwoofer enclosure I asked this question but got no replies so I figured I will give it another try, well here goes. I’m stuck with using a make shift car sub box for my shiva until I can get a real box and I’m wondering if there is any way I can brace the sub without having to rip apart the whole box. One idea I thought of is to get some long threaded rods and drill a hole in each side of the box then secure the rod with washers and nuts. Do you think this would work well? I also read the some people spray autobody under coating on the inside of there sonosubs to reduce resonance, even though this would take more work do you think this might work? Thanks
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    What about gluing (with a strong adhesive like Pliobond) 3/4-1" hardwood strips ~2" wide on edge diagonally on all surfaces inside the cab? The driver cutout should be plenty big to allow putting in a number of short braces. Just eyeball divide each panel up into several triangles of different sizes.
    Anyway, the rods will certainly help. Do this side to side, top to bottom, and front to back, preferably at the driver mounting holes. IOW mount the driver on stud extensions of the brace rods. If possible lay them out so that some/all the rods interect so that they can be tied together with small clamps to help keep them from flexing, if not then make sure the rods are laid out so they don't touch each other. [​IMG]
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